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To really enjoy traveling, two of the most important considerations are comfortable seats and comfortable beds.

There's lots of choices below to help you decide what will serve your needs best. Still have questions? Please contact us.

" We believe we sleep better in our Sportsmobile than we do at home." — Scott and Beverly Carlton

Sportsmobile Seats/Beds

For A Good Night's Sleep Sportsmobile uses the same best quality foam that some of the more expensive "big" motorhomes do. Seat/bed foam consists of soft foam laminated to very firm foam. Covers are quilted. This is a very comfortable combination that's been "comfort tested" over many years. The foam feels soft, yet provides good body support. Plus, you will not feel the cushion "cracks"

or upholstery buttons. The removable dinette back cushions can be slanted for comfort. Be sure to attach the retainer straps when traveling.

Sleep More Add an upstairs bed in a full-height top or Penthouse top (see Options). A small bed is also available for the cab.

(O) Additional Cost Option

For Privacy bifold doors, accordion doors and curtains are available.

A Table is included with the Standard Equipment package.

Storage is maximized under the seats and is accessible with hinge-up seat cushions and props. The fresh water tank and inverter will take up some if not most of the space under one of the seats, depending on tank size and the seat length.

Dinettes & Gauchos

Sofas & Couches

Platform Beds
Bunk Beds

Dinette L


Dinette W

Seats can be any length you specify.

Twin beds are 30" wide.

Twin beds can slide together for a queen-size bed.

There's some storage in the seat bases.

Sleep width-wise. Bed 70" long by 69" wide.



Seats up to four depending on length you specify.

Install anywhere in van. Note the leg space.

For a single bed leave back cushion at home.

Lounge pillows included with all seats/beds.



Couches & Ottomans


Seats three. Sleep widthwise. Overall width is 70".

Add a rear platform mattress (O). Can be any length to sleep length-wise.

This arrangement will make two semi-twin beds or one large bed.

Ottomans are not for seating when traveling.

Ottoman back-cushions will make a large bed.



Cab Beds




Seats three. Seat easily swings up and out for bed position.

The sofa's rear platform mattress (O) can be any length.

Cab Bed is about 29" by 62". Folds to stow.

Penthouse Exandable Top bed will sleep two.





Platform Beds


Select up to four bunks.

Bunks can be any length by 24" or 27" wide.

Built-in bunks are also available.

Can be any height and length. Mattress has vinyl on bottom side and can be in two sections.

Bed platform support panel also can be removeable for full-height cargo.

Captain Seats


Third and fourth seats. They swivel, recline and have armrests and fore/aft adjustments. Shoulder and lap belts are built in.

Seats can be removed with five bolts from inside the van. Note that front factory seats can be reupholstered (O) and swivel (O).

"Just wanted to give you an update on the van. It's awsome! It is actually even more useful than we anticipated. The 1,500-mile trip back was smooooth. We are taking a 3-week trip from Florida to Maine with the kids next week, and it is going to be the most stress-free trip due to all the room and convenience. Yahoooo! We are so friggin' happy with the van."   
— Steve and Kristi Neal