Our 52nd year!

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More info on Penthouse Top

"Sometimes it's hard to decide. East or West? Then we compromise — South."
— Jim and Karen Duncan

Mercedes-Benz RB Sprinter

Garage measures 40" by 69" per the Duncans design specs. For more storage add upper shelves or cabinets. A door or accordian curtain also could be added. Trailer hitch was included for occasional boat towing.

With the optional Penthouse Top, two can sleep up and two down. The bed can attach to the ceiling, out of the way.

The galley includes a convection microwave. An electric-flush Porta Potti stows under the refrigerator.

Jim and Karen's design is similar to our standard plan RB-160S.

Note: "P" in floorplan means Porta Potti can stow here.

Jim is happy. Karen is happier.