Our 52nd year!

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Just the way you want it!

A Sportsmobile represents a substantial investment for most people. It will also become a close member of the family for many years. Why not take the time and make it exactly the way you want it. And it will cost about the same as a Standard Floor Plan.

You can Design Your Own (DYO) two ways:

1. DYO Cut & Paste See below . . .
Suggestion — scan all the pages first, then review the ones of interest to you.

2. DYO Online
Suggestion — first review all the info below, then go to the
DYO Studio

Note - This 'DYO Online' feature will not be available for the new ProMaster and Transit vans until later this year.

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DYO Cut & Paste Examples

DYO Cut & Paste Package

Suggestion — Whether you are going to use DYO Cut & Paste or DYO Online, we recommend you request our Literature Package. See our Contact Page. It includes our cutout furnishings, van grid plans, price sheets and more. The package will be sent by the next day. Free of course.

You can also download or print the cutout sheets from the panel on the right.

DYO Package Download Links

To download:
Right-Click on the link and choose "Save Target to Disk" (Macintosh "Save Linked File . . ."

1. Download all Pages in DYO Package (10 pages)
    — or download separate pages on links below.

2. Download your preferred Van Grid Floor Plan below:

Chevy/GM Vans Grid Floor Plan (1 page)

Ford Vans Grid Floor Plan (1 page)

Sprinter Van Grid Floor Plans (2 pages)

Promaster Van Grid (2 pages)

• Transit Vans (N/A at this time)

3. DYO instructions and furniture cutout pages are available separately:

Design Your Own Instruction and Guide Page (5 pages)

Seats and Beds (1 page)

Baths (1 page)

Galleys - Ford/Chevy only (1 page)

Storage Cabinets - Ford Chevy only (1 page)

Galleys - Sprinter only (1 page)

Storage Cabinets - Sprinter only (1 page)

Windows (1 page)

Couch and Platform (1 page)