First decide what
your camping
and travel needs are
for bath and toilet

During the day when traveling, most people will use restaurant and gas station facilities. When camping, they will usually use the park facilities.

Note: Some standard plans include a toilet and a shower.

“We learned of Sportsmobile at a sports show. During the shopping for this vehicle, which took two years, we had looked at many larger new and used RVs. Once we came upon Sportsmobile, we felt we had all the answers we needed.”

—Charles & Norma Knott

Porta Pottis/Cassette Toilet

It’s Quick
& Easy!

Slide it out, slide it in.

Porta Potti Manual Flush

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Exclusive rotating pour-out spout
  • Piston pump flush
  • Removable seat and cover for easy cleaning
  • Level indicator tells when it’s time to empty.
  • Dimensions 16.5″H by 16.5″L by 15″W

A 100% seal valve and special chemicals ensure no odor. Swivel, no splash, pouring makes it easy to empty into a regular toilet or the park dump station.

The top section holds 4 gallons of water. Detachable 5.5 gallon bottom section is the holding tank.

Porta Potti Curve Electric Flush

  • Battery-powered flush
  • Sleek, modern and homelike design
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Increased bowl size
  • Hidden controls

  • Integrated toilet paper holder
  • Level indicator for fresh water and holding tanks.
  • Porta Potti Curve is a little larger than above model. Dimensions 17.75″H by 17.75″L by 15.25″W

A 100% seal valve and above information is the same for this model.

baths_toilet1 baths_toilet2 baths_toilet3 baths_toilet4

Permanent Cassette Toilet For lots of info on this toilet and the Porta Potties above click here to see this video.

  • The toilet will swivel 180 degrees on it’s permanently mounted base.
  • Fresh water is supplied from the Sportsmobile fresh water tank. The tank water level is shown on the wall mounted flush button.
  • The toilet will not flush if the cassette is removed.
  • The casette can be mounted in the side of the van or the rear.
  • Cassette easily unlocks and slides out.
  • Capacity: 4.5G

A 100% seal valve and special chemicals ensure no odor. Swivel, no splash, pouring makes it easy to empty into a regular toilet or the park dump station.

Cassette access door
Van side installation

Bath compartments look like a regular countertop cabinet. The lower height makes the Sportsmobile’s interior feel more spacious and provides more countertop space. The Cassette toilet or Porta Potty works better than the larger Marine toilet in a small space. The Cassette toilet top also swivels, making the standing area larger if you include a shower.
The optional shower portion includes a grey water tank, shower curtain and wand. The compartment walls have watterproof fiberglass paneling and a shower pan. The grab bar is optional. This compartment is 24″ X 33″. It can be any size.

Marine Toilets, Permanent Mount

Marine Bravura

The Marine Bravura toilet with its single pedal yields a pulsating flush that provides a nearly instantaneous, full-bowl wash down. The toilet uses water from the Standard Equipment Package fresh water tank. Smooth lines, a lift-off seat cover makes it easy to clean. Hassock cover (O).

A black water holding tank is permanently installed with the marine toilet. A 3” heavy-duty flexible sewer hose and an under-the-van storage container are included. When the campsite includes a sewer hook-up the black water and grey water will drain into it. Or you can empty your tank at a park dump station or any other dumping station. Various campground guides include this information. A Macerator waste pump is also available (see below). Note: RVIA codes no longer allow grey water (sink/shower water) to drain into a black water (toilet) holding tank. Separate tanks are now required.

The black water holding tank can be located under the van if there is an open space. Note the Bravura marine toilet must be located directly over the tank. The taller marine toilet will then be used. Otherwise the tank, which comes in various sizes, will be located inside the van under a shorter toilet. Hassock seat cover (O).

Marine Macerator Toilet

The Marine Macerator toilet can be located almost anywhere. Built-in macerator with steel cutters grind down waste to a 1/8″ size. The waste then pumps through a 1.5″ tube into the holding tank. The tank can be located in a remote location inside or under the van. Two heights available, 15″ or 13.5″ high.

  • Powerfull, yet whisper-quiet operation
  • Wall mounted push-button flush
  • European-style. Porcelain
  • Ecologically-friendly design minimizes water consumption

Shower lengths are available 24″, 36″ and 39″ long by 24″ wide.

Shower & Sink Cabinet includes a Medicne Cabinet, pull-out faucet shower wand, and towel bar.

Shower compartment walls are laminated with reinforced fiberglass panels that are tough, mildew resistant, bright and easy to clean. Also included: ceiling light, shower curtain, shower wand and a grey water tank under the van.

Optional items include a small sink, windows and Porta Potti. If an attic fan is ordered it will normall be located close the the shower door that is open at the top. The high-volume fan will help ventilate the bath.

Porta Potti (O) includes a hassock cover. Use it for a shower seat, or place it outside the shower for full shower floor space.

All shower/baths comapartments are available in a shorter version for use in low top vans with or without an expandable top (see left photo).

More Shower Choices

Exterior shower Installs flush to body on driver’s side van rear. Or installs in the rear side of a cabinet. It’s accessible when you open a van rear door. Includes a locking hinge door, pump switch, replaceable shower head, shut-off and hot/cold mixing controls and 5-foot hose. Connects to Sportsmobile fresh-water tank. Painted to match van. Note: design may vary.

Exterior hose included with the Standard Equipment Package. Convenient for washing pets, feet, bicycles, etc. Five-foot hose with wand connects to the fresh water tank drain valve.

Combo Bath & Marine Toilet

Combo Bath works best with full-height fixed tops. It is also adaptable to Sportsmobiles with the Penthouse expandable top. A black water holding tank is located under the marine toilet. Termination valve is under the vans side. Combo Unit is available in 24″ wide and 36″ or 39″ lengths. Sink and window are (O).

Photo right shows two cabinets, a Medicine Cabinet and upper Cabinet A included standard in Combo Bath 3, and Window (O).

Combo Bath 3 with Marine Toilet. Shower door can be a bifold. Compartment can be 36″ or 39″ long. Sink (O).

Heavy-duty assist handles are available. This Shower is 36″ long.

“It’s nice Sportsmobile makes so many possibilities available.”
    — Steve and Dorthy Jackson

Combo Bath, Marine Toilet & Sink Cabinet

Larger popup photos of this example

Very popular with the ladies. Men like it, too.

Combo Bath, Marine Toilet and Sink Cabinet 4 is essentially the same as the Combo Bath and Marine Toilet, except the bath compartment is larger and includes the sink cabinet and Cabinet A above the toilet. The sink faucet pulls out for showering. Window is (O).

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