Tank under van
Black Water Tank
Larger tanks available(|)
Side Tank (T) Rear Tank (O) (T) Under Van rear (O) W/O Danhard AC With Danhard AC
Ford 12 G 25 G 25 G 8 G 5.5 G
Chevy 8 25 25 8 5.5
Sprinter 8 25 25 8 8
ProMaster 8 25 25 8 5.5
Transit 8 25 25 5.5 5.5

(O) Additional cost option.

(|) Available with some floor plan restrictions.

(T) Spare Tire is located under the rear of all vans. If it is moved to the van’s rear, either a 25 gallon holding tank, storage compartment or a generator can be located in this space.

Sprinter EB & LB vans can have both a 25 gallon holding tank and a generator installed under the van when the spare tire is moved to the van’s rear. If the spare is not moved, there will still be space for either a 25 gallon tank, an under floor storage compartment, or a generator.

Fresh Water – 10 gallon is standard. 17 and 20 are optional. Larger tanks are available depending on your floor plan. (Keep in mind that Sportsmobile installs the fresh water tanks inside the Sportsmobile, usually under a dinette or gaucho, where they are less subject to freezing. Grey and black water tanks are usually located under the van’s floor. Anti-freeze can be added to these tanks in the winter.)

Water Heater, 110V (O) – 2.5 gallon. Very fast recovery. Most popular. 6 gallon also available.

Porta Potti – 5.5 gallon black water and 4 gallon fresh water capacity.

Combo Shower, Marine Toilet & Holding Tank (O) – 6 gallon black water. The shower water drains into the additional tank, larger tanks are avaialble.


12 Volt System Click for more info.

Extra Batteries Click for more info.
• Standard equipment – 220 amp hour AGM battery
• Optional can install up to 1200 amp hour system.
• Lithium batteries are available

110 Volt System Click for more info.
• 30 amp standard

Second Alternator Motor Click for more info.
• Up to 230 amp. Available on all vans.

Generator Click for more info.
• Gas (from van gas tank) 2.8k
• Propane (seperate tank) 2.5k
• Diesel 3K

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