DYO Example – RB

Just the right size.
A pleasure to drive everyday.

Chevy RB Shown
Custom wheels, ladder, awning, Penthouse Top and continental tire carrier are options.

Penthouse Top (O) provides an open interior and refreshing cross breezes. The wood floor is an option.

To make the bed, the seat cushion slides out on steel roller tracks. Back cushion then drops into place. Note that the side wall is recessed for more bed width. There’s some leg space between the bed and galley.

The Chevy cab is quite comfortable with large windows to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Gaucho can be any length. Back cushion is removable for a single bed or lounge arrangement. Seat cushion hinges up for storage access.

Penthouse Top shown down for travel. The Penthouse bed can slide to the front or rear for sleeping. When the top is up the bed attaches to the ceiling — still leaving a 6’4″ stand-up height.

The rear cabinet shelves are removable for a hanging closet. Table stows in the rear with this plan.

Porta Potti (O) stores in the rear. An underfloor storage compartment (O) was included.

“It was really an enjoyable experience planning our Sportsmobile.”
—Roger and Jean

DYO Example – RB

Chevy RB with a Contempo Top

“We dreamed about it. We designed it. And Sportsmobile built it just the way we wanted it. Now we will finally start traveling. Thank you Sportsmobile.”
— Bernie and Peg Jezercak

Locating tall cabinets on one side makes the interior feel more open. The bath is behind the driver’s seat. Rear closet has hangers space and adjustable shelves.

The shortened dinette makes a 30″ by 72″ bed. A portable table can be used in the rear, up front or outside. It stows behind the driver’s seat.

Chevy RB is only 18′ long, but look how much you can get inside. The front couch will make a bed 30″ by 74″ with an extension cushion (photo below) that folds and stows behind the driver’s seat.

The bath is small but adequate. It measures 24″ by 36″ The window and sink are options.

Stove and propane system were deleted. Microwave/convection oven will run off the inverter when you do not have a 110V hook-up. This is becoming a more popular choice.

Extension for front bed stows behind driver’s seat (see front couch in top right photo above).

DYO Example – RB

Chevy RB with Contempo Top and Awning

“Happy? Yes. In minutes I’m all set up.”
— Dianne Clemens

Dianne will often use her Sportsmobile to pull a horse trailer for camping/trail rides. Her requirements were self containment and open space in the rear for a large dog crate. A Danhard A/C was ordered in place of the less expensive Roof Mount A/C to keep her exterior height lower. The third Captain seat is removable.

DYO Example – RB

All-Terrain Adventures

Tom Ray is a retired Texas Fireman and former U.S. Air Force Pilot. The Sportsmobile will be his traveling home for several years of North American adventures. Why a 4×4 maxed out? “I want to be able to go any place I want to.

Ford RB 4×4 with Trojan bumpers, wench, Hella driving lights, hoop steps and big wheels/tires. The Penthouse Top with black sidewalls is another option. However, the only inside color is black.

“There is no where that this vehicle cannot go. That’s why I bought it — to take me to the Arctic Circle or Patagonia with or without a road. — Tom Ray

Storage? There are cabinets and closets plus some storage under the dinette seats and an under-floor compartment (O).

Galley is compact and functional. The convection microwave and campfires will take care of Tom’s cooking needs.

Hinge-down tables on the side doors are handy for outside campsite activities. The dinette table, not shown, is also portable.

There’s some storage in the galley. A 110V water heater is below the sink.

Counter tops on the galley and opposite storage cabinet provide adequate work surfaces.

An electric flush Porta Potti slides out of the left closet bottom compartment.

Dinette “W” includes four seat belts. Seat cushions hinge up for storage access. The table stows behind driver’s seat.

The bed is 49″ by 74″ (O) with the van’s walls recessed. Dinette “W” bed isn’t for tall people. TV (O) swivels for viewing from front or rear.

Crank out the awning (O) for shade and rain protection. As you can see, there’s a little storage in the side doors.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans