The above TV with HD, DVD and CD is a popular size. It has a two-way swivel arm to permit viewing from the front or rear of the Sportsmobile (see photo upper right). The storage compartment below the TV is a separate option.

Flat-panel TVs can also be mounted to a wall or flip-down models to the ceiling. (right lower photo)

If a TV has a pedestal it can be placed on a fold-up shelf, counter-top and used outside. Safely stow it for travel. (right middle photo)


Sound Systems There are many makes, models, and price ranges to choose from. While we do not install sophisticated systems, we do work with local dealers that do. We can also prewire for future installation at your local sound system installer.

The most popular head units (dash-stereos) are those with XM or Sirius capability, and those with integrated i-Pod hook-ups that can be controlled with head units. Remote control function also is very popular for RV use. Head units with screens can incorporate DVD, GPS and observation systems (back-up cameras). Amps, sub-woofers and speakers are also available in many sizes and power ratings.

Wireless Headphones can be used with virtually all TVs.

All vans include AM/FM radio. Some also include a cassette. Optional upgrade radios and CD players are available. See the Select Your Van price sheets.

TV Antenna with a signal booster is effective in fringe areas up to about 50 miles. It’s an omni-directional antenna and has a wall control switch. The antenna is concealed in the fiberglass Penthouse or fixed top. A 25’ cable to connect to park cable hookup is also included.

Winegard TV Antenna Sensor III (photo to left) with built-in amplifier and unique circuitry for clear VHF/UHF reception. HD (high definition) ready. Compatible with new digital signal. Antenna easily cranks up and down. Rotates for best reception. Height raised 40″. When lowered it adds 4″ to height of van. All parts corrosion resistant.

Satellite Receivers

“It’s sure nice that Sportsmobile offers so many options to choose from.” — David and Dorothy

KVH satellite TV Tracvision model A7 “in-motion” antenna receives DirectTV satellite television. Can mount on any Sportsmobile top or Thule roof rack. It’s the smallest available at this time, 32″ diameter x 5″ high. Other models are available. Black color. About $4,200. Note — this model not yet HD compatible as of June 2010. For additional information, see www.kvh.com.

KVH satellite HD TV Tracvision model R6DX “in-motion” antenna receives DirectTV, Dish Network, and Bell TV satellite television. Height 12″. About $4,200 installed. Roof A/C also shown mounted on the Penthouse Top on a Sprinter van.

Winegard Road Trip SD stationary satellite TV antenna has one button operation. Will automatically locate and lock onto the desired satellite signal within minutes with just the flip of a switch.

Compatible with Dish Network and Direct TV. Antennas receive DirectTV (101″ & 119″) and Dish Network (119″ & 110″) satellite signals throughout the majority of the continental U.S. Two receiver ready. Diameter 32″. Height 12.5″. Weight 35 lbs. Color black or white. See www.winegard.com.
Note — some models HD compatible.

Internet Access

Here Are 3 ways:

Wireless laptop cards are best and most economical at this time. As long as you have a cell signal you will have internet access. Cell signal booster antennas are available that will increase your range about two to three times.

Bluetooth capable cell phones. With the Bluetooth capable cell phones and a Bluetooth capable laptop, you can get internet access through a cell phone and transmit wirelessly to a laptop. As long a you have a cell signal, you can access the internet. For mobile offices, we still recommend mobile internet satellite.

Remote spotlights (O)

Internet satellite is a high speed system that can also receive DirectTV with a wireless system. You can park outside your home and use it for your home internet service. It’s expensive, around $4,000 plus a $99 monthly service fee. However, prices are coming down. Optional equipment will allow you to receive high-speed internet access and satellite TV at the same time (HDTV capable). For additional information see www.groundcontrol.com, or www.motosat.com.

GPS & Backup Cameras

GPS Portable GPS are now the most popular and much less expensive than built-in systems. Built-in systems can run from $1,000 to $4,000. Built-in models use one to three disks to map the United States. Some owners prefer to use a laptop computer. Connections to the laptop and mapping software will cost about $200. For laptop computer mounts see www.jottodesk.com.

Backup cameras have color screens and night vision in most models.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans