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While Sportsmobile does not install lifts, we do work with companies that do.

photo of Braun Vangater II

The Braun Vangater II trifold is the most popular lift. Sportsmobile 4×4 van shown.

photo of man in scooter using Braun Vangater II lift

Bruan trifold lift photo

Most disabled parking spaces will accommodate vans with side lifts. Bifold and trifold models leave the van’s right side door clear. Narrow storage cabinets were built to the owner’s specifications. A gaucho/bed is located behind the driver’s seat.

interior photo showing lots of space

It’s best to have the lift installed first. The interior can then be designed to your needs. The marine toilet includes a snap-in place shower curtain. See Baths page for more toilet/bath examples.

photo of sink next to lift
photo 1 of man in wheelchair using lift
photo 2 of man descending on lift
photo 3 of man on ground
photo of back interior with dual gauchos/beds

The most popular seat/bed location is in the rear. Dinette L will make two 30″ wide single beds with 6″ walk space or slide together for a large 60″ wide bed.

bifold lift photo inside van

Bifold lifts are also available. They are less expensive but do not leave as much right door opening when folded.

photo 1 of bifold lift unfolding
photo 2 of bifold lift lowering
photo 3 of bifold lift on ground

For more lift info see…
    • Braun’s Web site
    • Ricon’s site

inside photo of rear lift
outside photo of rear lift with van back doors open
photo 2 of rear lift lowering
photo 3 of rear lift on ground

Rear lifts are also available.

Mobile Disabled Explorers

The W.A.V.E. (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for Explorers) is a state-of-the-art Sportsmobile 4×4 designed by the Disabled Explorers Organization and Sportsmobile West. The W.A.V.E. was introduced at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) 2009 Show in Las Vegas to promote motorized access to the outdoors by the disabled community.

These photos show the W.A.V.E. on its first test cruise to Baja California. For more info, see our News page.

Below is a news television broadcast by CBS News about the new W.A.V.E. for mobility disabled. Another story is about the W.A.V.E. by KFSN-TV / ABC30 in Fresno is on our News page.

mobilityClick to view on CBS News

The 4×4 Mobile Disabled Explorers page has an article on the W.A.V.E. from Four Wheeler Magazine.

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