Mobile Disabled • Sprinter

Here’s an example
of a Long Body Sprinter
customized to the owner’s disability needs for extended travel — in comfort.

Special attention is given to interior dimensions to ensure easy chair maneuvering. All switches and outlets are 52″ high or lower. Remotes are included for the electric sliding door, air-conditioner, attic fan and TV. The TV antenna has a wall control for raising and directional control. It’s all planned for convenience.

There’s lots of storage from front to rear in drawers, upper cabinets and under the platform bed.

Attractive highly durable, easy-to-clean flooring is rubberized Loncoin. It’s also bonded 20″ high on the left and right sides for wheel scuff protection.

Platform bed is 20″ above the floor for chair access. Bed is 69″ wide by 72″ long.
The bed foam is 1.5″ of soft foam laminated to 3.5″ of firm foam.
The foam feels soft yet provides good body support. It’s been comfort proven over many years.

The cargo net provdes safety when items are on top of the bed when traveling.
A TV with a swivel arm is located in the right rear corner.
The height below the bed is 14″ to provide lots of lower storage space with access from the front and van’s rear.

We work closely with the owner in designing the interior to be functional and attractive.
Note the mirror on the inside of the upper cabinet door to see the inside contents.

Additional Options the Owner Selected

Many more options are available. See Sportsmobiles “Standard Equipment Package” price sheet for items included as standard.


  • Refrigerator 4E (3.6 CF) in place of 3E (2.7 CF)
  • Convection Microwave .9 CF
  • Water Heater 4G 110V
  • TV with swivel arm

Note: stove and propane system deleted for credit.

AC / Ventilation / Heat

  • Air Conditioner, roof mount, 13,500 BTU, remote
  • Attic Fan, remote
  • Furnace, diesel

110V 30 Amp System

  • Inverter 2000W
  • Generator, diesel 3.0K
  • Converter & Auxiliary Battery Charger

Exterior Options

  • Running Boards
  • Awning
  • Vinyl Stripes
  • Hitch, 7 way
  • Spare Tire Carrier, to make room under van’s rear for generator

Bath is disabled friendly. The floor is level and barrier free. Toilet has a special custom seat for chair transfer and also serves as a seat for showering.

Cabinets and other fixtures can be added as you desire. The door is a bi-fold for easier opening and closing. Bath walls are a tough laminate that’s easy to clean. Toilet has a base under it to increase the height.

Braun’s under-van lift eliminates any of the lift from the interior. However it does lower the Sprinter’s clearance to about 7″. And it’s a bit pricey, about $11,300.

LB (Long Body) Sprinter. The LB is 15″ longer than the EB (Extended Body).

“It was a pleasure working with Sportsmobile in designing our van. They always responded constructively to our ideas. We are very pleased with the finished product.”

— John and Linda Meadows

Other Examples of Customized Mobility

This is a Braun Ability HVL series wheelchair and scooter lift.

No longer than a car. But look at all you can do with careful planning. We work very closely with our customers.

RB Sprinter only 19’4″ long

Customized for Jesse and Twilight Ramon for their in-town transportation and lengthy travel excursions. Note — there’s only one bed. Jesse said he’s always slept on the floor, and always will. OK Jesse.

Wheelchairs lock down and can be mounted in several locations.

Cab compartments modifed for an overhead 24″ TV.

Assist rails are available.

Sprinter dual rear wheels are available to accomodate heavier conversions.

While Sportsmobile does not install lifts, we do work with companies that do.
For information – Braun’s Web site, Ricon’s site

For personal mobility and travel . . .
the Sprinter is a winner.
’06 Sprinter

top photo of Sprinter trifold lift

photo 1 of trifold lift

The lift shown is Braun’s Trifold Vangater II.

photo 2 of trifold lift lowering

One option included is an electric side-door operator.

It’s a trifold single post design.

photo of transfer seat in sprinter near right side front door and sliding back doo

A transfer seat is shown. It’s also available for the driver’s seat.

photo of rear lift for loading/unloading scooters

A rear lift loads/unloads a scooter.

interior shot showing lift folded with cabinets and gaucho/bed LED TV and lots of space

With the assistance of Sportsmobile, the interior was designed by Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins.

interior photo of gaucho bed

The gaucho/bed will seat four and sleep two. Seat belts are included.

photo illustrating compact design of lift

The compact lift design leaves good visibility through the side window. There’s a choice of floor coverings.

The wheelchair can stow by the sliding door, center or rear. There’s wheelchair space from front to rear.

photo showing rear requirements

Rear requirements: easy access toilet, assist handles, sink, privacy curtains, floor lighting and a wide aisle.

The following is a letter we received from Mr. Bradley seven months after he took delivery.

I thought I’d drop you a short note to say hello and let you know that I love my Sportsmobile more every time we use it, which is a lot!
It has made such a difference to my wife and me to be able to go virtually anywhere we want.
You’re still the best game in the country!
It does take us care givers awhile to sort through all the options so it’s a long process for them.

Parris Bradley

Mr. Jenkins in his custom van

—Customized for
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley

This owner included a trifold lift, hand controls and a manual swivel front seat. The interior was designed for easy maneuvering of chair and transfer to dinette/bed.

The rear has a three-burner stove and oven, 4 CF refrigerator, Porta Potti, under-floor storage and lots of cabinet storage.

This scooter lift will lift all standard-size electric scooters. There’s a 110 and 12 volt outlet for charging the scooter’s battery. Most owners have the lift installed on the right side, as the van’s right rear door opens first. The floor and rear sides are covered with very durable marine deck vinyl.

This other example of a rear scooter lift. The Dinettes convert into two single beds or one large bed. A galley and bath are forward. This lift has a capacity of 400 pounds and a remote control. 110V and 12V outlets will charge the scooter’s battery. A tie-down secures the scooter during travel.

Another example with galley in the rear. Bath compartment, closet and additional storage cabinet are also in the rear for this EB Sprinter.

Mobility equipment: Braun trifold lift, remote control, outside control, power sliding door, hand controls and chair lock-down.

The rear storage is convenient wheelchair height. The platform bed is removable. Large awning windows provide good visibility.

The bed height makes transfer easy between the bed and chair. Floor space is wheelchair adequate. Floor covering is tough marine vinyl.

Convenience for the owner was a first priority in design. The refrigerator is at a good height. Three large drawers are well located. All light and control switches are lowered.

RB (Regular Body) Sprinter

The floor plan for Mr. and Mrs. LaSalle was designed for the possibility of adding mobility equipment later.

A 200 amp auxiliary battery system and a 2000 watt inverter were included. The inverter will convert 12V to 110V to power the 110V microwave and 110V medical equipment.

Abundant storage is built in on the passenger side. A complete galley is on the opposite side.

The Maine toilet can be any height. The privacy curtain swings around. A cab curtain was also included.

The platform bed is 48″ x 67″ and can be made to be removable. The closed door can also provide rear privacy.

Here’s a rear lift.

Mobile Disabled Explorers

The W.A.V.E. (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for Explorers) is a state-of-the-art Sportsmobile 4×4 designed by the Disabled Explorers Organization and Sportsmobile West. The W.A.V.E. was introduced at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) 2009 Show in Las Vegas to promote motorized access to the outdoors by the disabled community.

These photos show the W.A.V.E. on its first test cruise to Baja California. For more info, see our News page.

Below is a news television broadcast by CBS News about the new W.A.V.E. for mobility disabled. Another story is about the W.A.V.E. by KFSN-TV / ABC30 in Fresno is on our News page.

mobilityClick to view on CBS News

The 4×4 Mobile Disabled Explorers page has an article on the W.A.V.E. from Four Wheeler Magazine.

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