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  • We can order a van for you to your specifications and color. (This is the option most customers choose.)
  • You can select a van from our dealer stock and receive a discount on the van and options.
  • We will structure the purchase of the van and Sportsmobile conversion for the best tax savings to you and handle all of the paperwork.
  • You can arrange your own van purchase through a van dealer. We suggest starting with our “Select Your Van” price sheets to get a second, apples to apples quote.
  • We can also convert a van you already own. Contact us to confirm compatibility for a Sportsmobile conversion.


  1. Send a copy of your paperwork, cost sheets, etc. to us. We’ll review and then return the materials with comments we think may help.
  2. We can give you the cost for the Sportsmobile conversion after you decide on the floor plan, colors, and options.
  3. Prior to production, we will again carefully review your order with you (Note: some changes can be made up to two weeks prior to production).
  4. Would You Like to Order?
    Please send a $1,000 down payment deposit. We will then put you on our production schedule.


If we order the van for you:

  1. We request a $2,000 deposit when you place your order. No additional payments will be requested until you take delivery.
  2. You can pay the balance on the van when we receive it. (We handle the paperwork.)
  3. You pay us for the conversion (minus your deposit) along with any applicable fees upon delivery if everything is to your satisfaction.

If you supply the van:

We require a $500 deposit to hold a conversion schedule date for you.


Sportsmobile can arrange financing for you at a competitive rate, or you can arrange your own financing through a lender.


If we order a van for you and convert it, it will take about 4 to 6 months. Contact us for more current scheduling information.

Note: It will take approximately the same amount of time if you select a stock van from one of our dealers or own one already.

Expandable Penthouse Top only takes 1 to 2 days by appointment.


Contact us. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and serve you.                                    



“This is our first RV. We plan on travelling in it for months at a time. It was really a good experience working with Sportsmobile from start to finish. They were very objective in helping us decide on what we needed – and didn’t. We just finished our first one-month retirement cruise. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Robert and Jennie Meyer

“Really enjoyed working with Sportsmobile in designing our interior, selecting the colors and accessories to meet our travel needs. The Sportsmobile people were very objective in helping us decide what we needed and didn’t need. For example, we thought we needed a generator but after some discussion we realized we didn’t. Saving thousands, we will use our “sportsmobile” for pleasure traveling, perhaps some camping and at home car.”

– Julie and Tim Bronson


Keep in mind some Sportsmobile owners had never seen a Sportsmobile, except on our website, prior to placing their order. So naturally they can be a little nervous. When customers arrive to take delivery do they all grin or at least smile when they drive away? Over the decades we’ve noticed about 99.9% of them do.


About three months after pickup, we send the owners our in-depth “Report Card.” The last question we ask is, “Are you now glad you purchased a Sportsmobile?”

To date, over the decades, we have had only two answer “No.” It seems that everyone – well, almost everyone – really enjoys our product. Needless to say, this gives us a big sense of satisfaction.


Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans