Does Sportsmobile Only Convert Full-Size Vans? Yes. We have specialized in vans for 51 years. Over these years we believe we have become very proficient at doing highly customized work at competitive prices. Please see our Gallery for some examples. If you can dream it, we can build it within certain RVIA codes, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and design/material limitations.

Are Van Motorhomes Restricted From National Parks? No, unlike the larger class C and A motorhomes you are not restricted. There are also lots of other places where there are restrictions for larger motorhomes but not for van motorhomes.

How Does Sportsmobile’s Turning Radius Compare? As you can see the Class B has a much tighter radious than a Class A or C motorhome. In fact it’s about the same as a large car. This means easy handling/parking in town. More fun exploring the back roads/trails. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has even a tighter turning radius.

Thinking Of A Big Motorhome? Many Sportsmobile owners are former “big” motorhome owners. Enjoy the comforts of a large motorhome without the cost, restrictions and stress of driving one.

Considering An SUV? A Sportsmobile will do everything an SUV will do — plus add another dimension to your travel. Just think of the added freedom, comfort and enjoyment you and your family will have on weekend escapes or extensive travel with a Sportsmobile. Cost wise — the price of a Sportsmobile is in the range of an upscale SUV.

Do Many Women Buy Sportsmobiles? Around 9% of our sales each year are to single women. One reason is that Sportsmobiles handle and drive so well. Also see single women owners comments at the Ford/Chevy Owner’s Comments page.

How Long Will a Sportsmobile Last

We really don’t know, but here are several examples.

This ’86 Sportsmobile/Ford is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kavanaugh. It had 399,971 miles on it when this photo was taken. That’s equivalent to 16 times around planet earth! The Kavanaughs travel in it extensively for both pleasure and business. Around 10% of the miles have been off-highway. Mike said he would order a new Sportsmobile when he reaches 500,000 miles. Thank you Mike, we look forward to your repeat business — someday!

October 2, 2009  Here’s Mike again. He now has 506,774 miles. No mention about when he will get a new Sportsmobile.

This ’68 Sportsmobile/VW was 36 years old and still rolling when this photo was taken. The odometer was broken so the mileage is unknown. We occasionally see even older Sportsmobiles going down the highway. Just like the rabbit — they keep on going, and going, and going.

Paul and Sandy Schull owned this ’87 Sportsmobile/Ford. It registered 186,342 miles when photographed. Most of the miles were accumulated with many trips throughout the United States, Alaska and Canada. Since it was given some extra loving care, it remained practically new inside and out until they purchased their second recently.

A Record! Jack Adams of California bought his first Sportsmobile/VW in 1961, the first year we started making them. He said he liked it so well, he decided to buy another one — 40 years later! How’s that for loyalty?

“My first Sportsmobile was a ’95 Ford van with 302,560 miles on the odometer when I sold it and took delivery of my second Sportsmobile. Essentially the only repairs on my first Sportsmobile were new rear brakes and a windshield. I’m a traveling anesthetist, and almost all the miles were in Texas.” 

— Randy Potts

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