Chevy/Ford EB-51 & Penthouse Top

“We will use the rear space for outdoor equipment and occasional antiquing trips.”
—Catherine &
David Etheridge

Options shown: 4×4 conversion, awning, steps and vinyl stripes.

EB-51 has the same floorplan as the RB-50 shown to the right, except for the additional length of the EB van left open for cargo.

RB-50 — For more photographs, see the RB-50 page.

Open the rear doors for a load of space. The extra large compartment (O) adds 8 CF below the van’s floor.

The rear mattress can stow upright behind the rear seat. Or remove it, as shown, for even more space.

EB-50 has a longer bed and full length side cabinets. There’s also more front floor space.

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