Interior Examples Note…

  • The examples below are Sprinter interiors
  • Dimensions and designs may vary for the ProMaster and Transit.
  • ProMaster/Transit interiors use essentially the same furnishings as the Sprinter.
1 EB Gauchos/Beds 2 EB Mid-Dinettes
4 EB Couches
5 Dinettes W 6 RB Gauchos
7 Bunk/Platform 8 Captain Seats

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EB Example • Front Gauchos

The Gaucho is quite comfortable for socializing, napping and a good night’s sleep. The back cushion slants for comfort. It’s also removable for a single bed. Leave it at home. Sportsmobile seats are mounted on steel frames. Three seat belts and two lounge pillows are included. A table is part of Sportsmobile’s Standard Equipment Package.

Gaucho can be any length. This is a shorter version. An extension cushion is available to make the front end 9″ longer. Note: seats are available with or without upholstery buttons.

Gaucho converts to a bed in a minute. The seat cushion slides out on steel roller tracks. The back cushion then drops into place. If gaucho is 18″ wide and cabinets are on the opposite side, there will be leg space for walk space.

EB Example • Mid Gaucho

“I spent considerable time in laying out my plan. The result? I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s serving my travel needs beautifully.” — Jim Bowen DM

Several months later . . . “I’ve found the van, modified by Sportsmobile, to be a great vehicle to get around the country. I’ve been as far west as the deserts in Southeast California to the North with Indiana, Maine, New York and Pennsylvania to Key West and the South. It’s been a great ride and very convenient. I’m planning a month-long trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and then south through Utah.”

1 EB Gauchos/Beds 5 Dinettes W
2 EB Mid-Dinettes 6 RB Gauchos
7 Bunk/Platform
4 EB Couches 8 Captain Seats

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