Hard surface counter top is standard and lends a more up-scale appearance to your interior. The sink is under-counter mounted. For safety stow the sink top when traveling.

Flush Mount Stove, standard, has a European look with stainless steel burners, automatic lighting, 40% improved performance over surface mount stove, and a unique flame failure system that cuts off the gas supply.


Captain Seats 3rd & 4th

3rd & 4th Captains seats are removable. To remove seat: use a 5/8″ socket wrench to remove five Grade 8 bolts. The nuts are welded under the baseplate. The seat is a heavy partner lift-out. A matt snaps over plate when seat is removed.

“Our ‘Nest’ is exactly like we wanted for our weekend trips and for our vacations.”
—Jack and Briana Folkner

3rd and 4th Captain seats (O) can be added to some standard floor plans, or included with a plan you design. The foam is molded and contoured for long distance travel comfort. The seats swivel, recline and have fore/aft adjustments. Arm rests will swing up out of the way. Uphostery can match or contrast with your interior colors. All Sportsmobile seats meet or exceed Federal Safety Standards.

The Sprinter Cab Captain seats have many adjustments. Swivels are (O). The top photos show Sprinter cab seats that have been re-upholstered to match the rear seats.

Cab divider curtain (O), No. 1 in above right photo, can provide quick privacy or faster cooling/heating in the cab or rear. If the overhead cab compartment is deleted, as shown, the curtains will be full-ceiling height.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans