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This tailgater van was built for Jane and Henry Stroup. Have your own layout idea? Just let us know.

Parks in a standard parking space. 22mpg. Highly maneuverable

Let the party begin. Swing out the doors. Crank out the awning. Lower the TV, and rev up the sound system.

The 60″ widescreen LCD TV is an ultra-thin HD and can face out or into the van. The In-Motion HD dish satellite system also hooks into a DVR, DVD/Blu-ray player and Bluetooth wireless. The sound system rocks on a Special Alpine Ipod unit with seven speakers and a 10″ subwoofer. The rear speakers hinge out for quality surround sound from TV and XM.

A portable Honda generator, housed in rear storage compartment on the rear door, provides 3000W on the beach or in the boonies for A/C, microwave and the other tailgating goodies. More generator info below.

TV hinges up, out of the way. There’s lots of open floor space for an ice chest, grill and other fun stuff. The floor is covered with marine deck vinyl. Cabinets are laminated with rubberized Loncoin for appearance and super durability.

Penthouse Expandable Top provides a very spacious 8′ ceiling when raised. Upstairs bed lowers from the ceiling for napping. TV is shown facing into van.

Everyone knows tailgaters drink beer — and lots of it. The toilet compartment is large enough for even the big guys. Plenty of pee tank capacity, too, 29 gallons.

This tailgater will seat four and sleep two. The third and fourth Captain’s seats are very comfortable. They swivel, recline and have fore/aft adjustments. They also can be removed easily by unfastening five bolts.

Other items . . .

Inverter 2000 Watt (12V to 110V). Will run a microwave TV and small 110V items when not connected to a 110V power outlet or running portable generator.

Auxilliary Batteries 200V system for 12V lights, fresh water pump and sound system when parked.

Fresh Water System 29 gallons, water heater, sink with pull-out faucet, exterior shower.

Marine toilet 29 gallon black water tank, macerator pump with electric remote valves.

A/C Low-profile roof top mount, 13,500 BTU.

Portable Honda Generator 3000 Watt. Will run A/C, microwave, and other items at same time, plus keep the auxilliary batteries charged.

The generator stows in an aluminum compartment. To use, set the generator on the ground, start up and plug into van. The generator could stow inside the Sprinter in a sealed vented compartment if desired. For more see the Systems Info Generators page.

Sprinter EB Seats 10, Sleeps 2


Just park and swing open the doors. All of your tailgating stuff is right there – ready for fun. Shelves and compartments can be built in if desired. To keep sunglare, and rain off the TV, extend the awning.
The 60″ HD TV is 110 V.
This owner included a A9 in motion satellite, custom 6 speaker surround sound, amplifier, and subwoofer.


The 20″ TV hinges down and has wireless headphones for rear, and front to be able to listen.

Dinettes have 6 seat belts, and will make two single beds, or slide together for one very large bed. Seats hinge up with props for storage access.

This cabinet can be used for storage or add a toilet. A privacy curtain can be mounted to a slide track or snapped to the ceiling. There’s a cabinet on the opposite side with a refrigerator and sink, a microwave is mounted above.


Can’t wait for the next Tigers game.

—Bart & Missie Drouant

“When it comes to LSU games, we will be there. No matter where!”

—Cody and Martha Leader

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