Windsurfers / Watersports

Most Windsurfers Are Self-Admitted Gear Heads, whose lifeblood is maintained by the constant circulation of new toys. Here’s an example. The chassis is a Ford E-350 with Sportsmobile’s 4×4 installed, a 20 gallon fresh water tank, propane system, awning, roof-mounted board racks, rear bike rack, hot/cold running water, galley, shower, solar panel, pop-top with bed, interior board racks, gear storage under floor, DVD player, LCD TV screen, direct TV receiver and KVH satellite dish.

Here’s a couple of windsurfing/watersports plan examples. Whatever your needs might require, we will be happy to work with you. The plans are shown in Extended Body (EB) van.

RB (Regular Body) shown. For more interior space, order the EB (Extended Body).

Include Sportsmobile 4WD for the really out-of-the-way areas.

Equip it just the way you want.

Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett travels the beaches in comfort and style in his Margaritaville-colored Sportsmobile 4×4. This is his second Sportsmobile.

A Sportsmobile can provide rugged transportation to those secluded launch sites.

You can layout your own interior with our DYO (Design Your Own) cut outs for your gear and special needs.

Of Course Sportsmobiles Aren’t Just For Windsurfers. You’ll find them the transportation of choice for kiteboarders, surfers, scuba divers, canoers, and you name it. A Sportsmobile is just a great way to go and a great place to stay.

Please see our site on a tablet or desktop for more info and examples.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans