Our 52nd year!

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Plan I: Pre-Owned Sportsmobiles in our possession.

The typical selling process

  1. Prospective buyer contacts Sportsmobile regarding a pre-owned Sportsmobile. A Sportsmobile representative will answer questions the buyer may have.
  2. The buyer can then make an offer that Sportsmobile will pass on to the seller. The seller can accept or make a counter offer.
  3. After a price is agreed on, the buyer sends a 20% deposit to Sportsmobile.
  4. Upon pick-up date, the buyer can inspect and test drive the Sportsmobile.
  5. If all is to the buyer's satisfaction, the necessary paperwork will be completed and final payment can be made.

Pre-owned Sportsmobiles that are in Sportsmobile Texas possession are detailed and inspected. Electrical, propane and plumbing systems are checked but not warrantied by Sportsmobile.

Chassis inspection by a third party can be arranged by Sportsmobile for $125. This is a comprehensive analysis that includes the engine, drive train, road testing, chassis exterior and interior items.

Financing Sportsmobile offers RV financing for new and pre-owned Sportsmobiles through Ally Financial, a division of GMAC. Terms and rates will depend on your credit rating. Note: pre-owned cannot be more than 7 years old and more than 75,000 miles.

Here Are Some APR Payment Examples.

Sale Price Less 20%
120 mo.
at 6.99%
144 mo.
at 6.99%
180 mo.
at 6.99%
40,000 (8,000) 32,000 371.31 328.00 287.46
55,000 (10,000) 45,000 522.27 462.59 404.29
60,000 (12,000) 48,000 577.09 493.34 431.18
70,000 (14,000) 56,000 640.94 575.57 503.25

Plan II: Pre-Owned Sportsmobiles in "Owner's Possession"