More Sportsmobile 4×4 Annual Rallies

The 2000 Rally Was In Baja. 

It Was Muy Bueno!

San Diego was the starting point for the Baja Adventure.

73 Sportsmobile 4×4′s made the trip. 23 cancelled,
many due to several unfortunate south of the border
incidents prior to the rally.

Alan Feld, President/Owner of
Sportsmobile West, his wife Liz and adopted daughter Lucie
hosted the rally.

The rally destination was at the base
of the Guadalupe 
Mountains in Northern Baja.

Lots of space permitted
everyone to spread out or group together as they pleased.

Sportsmobile owners are really a great and
interesting group of people. They come from all over the
country and all walks of life.

These photos are a sampling of 73 camp sites.

What an enjoyable way to meet new people, share
experiences, and enjoy the great outdoors. Dick

For some reason one unfortunate
fellow (the co-founder of Sportsmobile) wasn’t able to share
the comforts of a Sportsmobile and had to stay in a snake
infested ravine.

One of the popular activities was hiking. This one
was through a beautiful desert oasis.

Of course everything tastes better outside.
The rally included evening meals. Everyone was on their own
the rest of the time.

After dinner entertainment was provided by some very
talented musicians and singers around a campfire.

A winching demonstration was given on the last day.
Evidently most of these folks weren’t in the

Army as they were volunteering for something.

And back to Tecate! The terrain was varied
and interesting.

Somehow a few got separated from the caravan but we
are happy to report all finally made it out. We think!

About 25 miles was through a dry lakebed.

Tires were deflated on the way in and re-inflated on
the way out by an efficient Sportsmobile rally team.

The final night was spent at
the Rancho Tecate Resort and Country Club. Needless to say,
the cool water and drinks were first priority upon arrival.
The hotel’s 5 star restaurant was exceptional. Of course the
12 person mariachi band and more drinks added to the finale
of the rally.

The next morning, late, it was back across the
border and onward to varied destinations.

After the
rally four Sportsmobiles headed back south.

” We’ll let you through this time Senor – but next
time bring more Tecate. “

Most of Baja is desert, however the mountains have
lush forests.

Camping on the seashore south
of San Felipe was worth the rough ride down.

It’s a good thing we had a
“slim-jim” to get into this locked Sportsmobile.

The Sea of Cortez is beautiful,
there are few people and lots of great places to camp.

Here’s one gringo’s
interpretation of the “Mexican Hat Dance”.

And back to San Diego with a farewell photo.




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