“When I lived in Spain, I saw Sportsmobile on the Internet. That’s when I decided I wanted one for my family. We now live in the United States and are very pleased owners of a Sportsmobile 4×4.”
— Carlos and family

Dinette W converts into a bed to sleep widthwise with van. Measures 49″ wide x 74″ long with the side walls recessed. The refrigerator and closet are on the right side. TV will swivel for viewing from the front.

Toilet compartment (right photo) is to the rear of the galley. Lots of owners delete the stove and propane system and order a microwave with an inverter so it can be used when a 110V hookup is not available.

This toilet compartment with the Marine toilet is narrower than usual. Notice how the door will also serve as a privacy partition.

A shower wand can be located in the rear seat base, or in the side of the van.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans