Executive Travel

Designed for Short Distance Luxurious Executive Travel

The Mobile Jet is thoughtfully furnished for enjoyable travel with a boardroom working environment.
For in-flight socializing or serious conferencing, the front seats rotate to face the rear.
A convenient fold-away table for each seat is available for work or refreshments.

The lighting is just right, and the sound system is superb.
The cabin has its own air conditioning/ heating sytems and is essentially sound-proof.
The rear restroom also has an up-scale finish.

Secure, easy-to-use technology keeps passengers in touch worldwide. In-motion fast internet uses a cellular router with amplifier and external antenna for uninterrupted service. A notebook computer can be connected at the seat and displayed on the flat-screen TVs in the van.

The cockpit and galley are partitioned for privacy with an intercom.

Conference TV shown in down position. Each seat has its own 12/110V outlets and other push-button controls.

Mobilejets, LLC, is an Austin, Texas, company. Sportsmobile converted the Sprinter to their design and specifications.

Comfortable? You bet.

Rear restroom for no-stops cruising.

Mercedes-Benz Extended Body Sprinter

van with a mega roof shown.

On-board galley for appetizers and your favorite beverages. The flight attendant is optional.

Every travel detail arranged for style, comfort and class

Exclusive secure transportation for short as well as long distances.

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