“Should have downsized from our big RV years ago!”
— Dave and Angela Kessler

This is an LB (Long Body)
It’s 15″ longer than the
EB (Extended Body). The additional
length was left open in the rear for larger cargo (see lower photo).

EB-110S . . . A Very Popular Floorplan

You can modify a Sportsmobile Standard Plan to better meet your needs, or design your own. Then add options to finish it out — just the way you want it.

The Kesslers added these options (numbered in photos):

  1. Attic fan with rain sensor
  2. Microwave/convection
  3. TV with swivel arm
  4. TV compartment
  1. Refrigerator, 7CF in place of standard 3CF
  2. Swivel cab seats
  3. Furnace

There’s lots of counter space and convenient storage throughout for long-distance travel enjoyment.

  1. Slide pantry
  2. Carpet overlay
  3. Loncoin rubberized flooring under overlay

An open interior with long windows adds to the feeling of spaciousness. Dinette “L” will seat six, with seat belts. The back cushion slant is adjustable for added comfort.

  1. Shelf compartment
  2. Dinette bolsters

There are upper compartments in the sides, over the cab and the rear (O). Helps keep your stuff organized. There’s plenty of lights, too. The A/C is flush with the ceiling and has directional ducts.

  1. Roof A/C

Rear compartment (O) has doors for access from inside or outside the Sprinter. Note the two hanger brackets below the compartment.

  1. Rear compartment

The LB Sprinter is 15″ longer. This space was left open for large cargo. A portable 2000W generator stows in a sealed compartment.

  1. Portable 2000W generator (see Generators page)

Galley front has a hinged-down door/table. The regular table, not shown, has a tripod for use inside or outside.

Combo bath is located in back of driver’s seat. See photo to right.

Sprinters have big doors. It’s nice not to have to stoop over when entering or leaving. The cab doors are also large.

How the Dinettes Work . . .

Dinettes have thick soft/firm foam for comfortable seating and sleeping.

Seat cushions slide out on steel roller tracks to make two 30″-wide twin beds. The back cushions then drop into place.

For a queen-size bed slide the twin beds together. Dinettes have steel frames bolted through the Sprinter’s steel floor.

Seat cushions hinge up for storage access. Note the fresh-water tank is installed under one seat for freeze resistance.

RB-150SM / PH Top RB-150S / PH Top
RB-110SM RB-160SM / PH Top
EB-110S LB-110S

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans