Suzanne’s mobile artist studio goes along with her base-camp trailer. She will drive to different scenic areas to paint in her Sportsmobile Ford EB van and return to base camp periodically.

With the Penthouse Top up, there’s lots of natural light and cross-ventilation. The upstairs “loft” will be her bed during her painting forays. A refrigerator, microwave, combo bath and more storage are in the rear. There’s abundant counter space for work. The dimensions for some of the drawers and compartments are sized for specific artist supplies, including her easel.

A nice lounge up front provides room for relaxing and entertaining. The movable table is not shown.

The large desk also provides a lot of counter space. There’s a very large trunk under the platform bed.

Bamboo floor adds a special touch. Separate toilet and shower compartments are to the rear.

Galley is small but adequate. The passenger seat will swivel to face rear.

Abundant storage is built-in throughout for art supplies, clothing, food and lots of other stuff.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans