Mobile Dogs
Mobile Dogs

Over The Years
Sportsmobile has converted lots of vans with special dog considerations, and other pets too, including cats, birds, and a snake.

Most Owners have only one small dog, and only need space for a small crate. Others have several dogs requiring space for multiple crates, special cabinets and other needs. Some owners show their dogs throughout the country, and need grooming equipment storage.

Whatever Your Needs we will be happy to work with you. We’ll build and equip it your way, whether it is a simple canine transport van or a luxurious self-contained motorhome.

canine transport

Concerned about stopping for lunch, sightseeing or shopping when the weather is hot? Some owners report that they simply let the van’s engine idle for a while when they park. You might want to put a note on the windshield saying “The dog is OK – A/C is on.” An Inverter (12V to 110V) 2000W 65A is included with the Standard Equipment Package. Also be sure that your gas tank is not low, leave a couple of windows down a little and lock the doors. Do not park over dry grass as the catalytic converter could start a fire. Note: in some states it is illegal to leave the engine running in an unoccupied vehicle.

Various paging systems are available with a temperature sensor and high and low settings that you determine. When the temperature reaches one of these settings, an automatic two-way pager will alert you by audio and/or a vibrator. No service is required. Portable. Long-range antenna optional. Other options are available such as engine start, turn on A/C, attic fan and engine heater.

For more information on heating and cooling your Sportsmobile when driving or parked, see the Ford/Chevy Heating & Cooling page or Sprinter Heating & Cooling page.

Dr. Eddie and Mrs. Adele Neupert will primarily use their Sportsmobile to transport their four dogs for training and hunting. Some of the areas are only accessible with a four-wheel drive vehicle. Mrs. Neupert also shows their prize-winning dogs throughout the United States.

Eddie and I are very happy with our Sportsmobile conversion. We took a big trip to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Montana with our Vizslas. The van did great! Here is a photo of Big Beauford (yes, we named the van) in Montana where we hunted sharptail grouse, and Hungarian partridge.

Neupert Family

There are many different crate choices and arrangement possibilities. Here’s a few examples

Four large custom aluminum dog crates

Four large custom aluminum crates in rear. Note the bottom drawers.

The crate doors on the vans drivers side also open

The crate doors on the vans drivers side also open. A top rack was also included.

The front living quarters has a compact galley with a 7 cu ft. refrigerator and microwave. Gaucho sleeps two. Closet includes a Porta Potti. The captain seat is removable.



Crates measure 36″L by 25″W by 24″H. Two face to the rear. Two face to the front.

The large drawer is 60″L by 48″W by 12″H with an 800 pound load capacity. Compartment partitions are adjustable and removable.

Upper drawers measure 58″L by 25″W by 3″H. Load capacity is 800 pounds each.

Each drawer is easily accessible. They slide on steel rollers and tracks.

This is perfect travel for both us and for our dogs. We can go anywhere we want for special training or shows. — Dr. and Mrs. Neupert

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RB (Regular Body) is only 19’4″ long. It is small on the outside but big enough on the inside for comfortable quarters for owners and dogs.

The diesel engine has plenty of power. It’s agile and parks in a regular parking space. Mileage averages about 20 mpg.

High quality welded aluminum crates were built to the owner’s specifications by Kustom Krates, They connect to the van’s floor and each other. 40″L by 24″W by 30″H. Weight 50lbs. The drawer has a rating of 800 lbs.

Up-front living quarters. The no-clutter contemporary design has a very open feeling. Stove and propane systems were deleted for credit. For lots of people a microwave convection oven serves their needs very well. The owner included a generator to power the A/C for extended periods of time. There’s seating for five. A portable table is included. TV swivels for outside viewing and all the way around so the dogs can watch the Animal Planet shows.

The goucho converts into a 45″ by 70″ bed with the hinge up 9″ extension. Notice there’s walkspace to the rear. The 7 CF refrigerator has an upper freezer compartment. The seats are upholstered with very durable and soft ultra-leather.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is available in three body lengths. The RB (Regular Body) is 19.4″ long. The EB (Extended Body) shown here is 22’9″ long. The LB (Long Body) is 24′ long.

Julia Higgins

“I’m an agility dog trainer. I designed my van for transporting my dogs in a safe and comfortable, climate controlled environment.”
Julie Higgins

Dog Carrier Dog Crate

Bunk bed hinges up for more floor space. The bunk is great for naps or an overnight stay. Crates can stow under and on top of the bunk. The removable mattress can be any thickness.

Mike Parker trains and shows dogs across the United States. The van interior is quite open with lots of visibility through the large, tinted Sprinter windows.

The upfront living area has a gaucho/bed, table, refrigerator, microwave, fresh water system and Porta Potti. The cab Captains seats swivel around and recline.

Removable crates are welded all-aluminum built to Mike’s specifications. Some of the options included: 30K diesel generator, 2000W inverter, 12V and 110V 13,500 BTU roof air conditioner, attic fan, awning and Chilly Dog temp pager system.

Please see our site on a tablet or desktop for more info and examples.

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