Dove Grey interior lends a more open and brighter interior. The 7 CF two-door refrigerator and attic fan are options (o).

All Sportsmobile interiors are well lighted. The ceilings have a series of LED lights controlled with a single switch at the entry. There’re swivel reading lights, and other lights depending on the lighting needs, plus an outdoor porch light.

The combo bath with a sink cabinet can have a single door or bi-fold door. Mirrors can be located wherever you want. See the other EB-110S pages for more photos.

This modified galley has a removable front storage cabinet (to left in photo). A removable Captain’s Seat (o) can be installed in its place. Rubberized flooring and carpet runners are optional (o). The stove and propane system were deleted for credit.

A full-size Sprinter awning window is shown in this bath. A smaller sliding window is shown on the other EB-110S example page. Bath windows are an additional cost option (o). A vinyl curtain rolls down.

How Dinette L’s Work

Dinette L’s will seat six. Seat belts are included with all Sportsmobiles. Note that the rear overhead cabinet (o) was not included with this EB-110S. Back-cushion bolsters (o) add to seating comfort.

Dinette end extensions are convenient for drinks and snacks. The swivel table can be any size and stows in back of the driver’s seat. A recessed floor socket for the table leg can be installed, or a moveable slide base as shown.

Each dinette can be any length for his and her sides. Highest quality dual soft and firm foam assures long distance seating comfort as well as a good night’s sleep.

Sportsmobile bed arrangements are flexible. For a single bed, slide the seat cusion out. Steel roller-tracks make it easy. Then drop the back-cushion into place.

For 30″-wide twin beds, repeat sliding out the other side. This will leave an aisle. If you included the seat-back bolsters (o) they can be left in place attached to the walls, or move them up front.

For a queen-size bed, slide the twin beds together. The soft top foam laminated to the firm foam will roll together to fill the space begtween the cushions.

Sportsmobile dinettes are quite comfortaable for dining, games, watching TV and socializing. Contemporary styling and large windows provide a very pleasant setting. Seats back-cushions slant are adjustable for comfort.

Seat cushions hinge up for storage access. About half of each side is used for the converter or inverter (o) and other elecrical components. the other side is for the fresh water tank. It’s installed inside, not under the van where it is susceptible to freezing.

“For us a very comfortable bed is a first priority. If we don’t get a good night’s sleep, we won’t enjoy the traveling the next day. Plus we will be grumpy.”
— Bill and Linda Walting

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans