ProMaster ‘LB’ Van • A Customer DYO Example PE DYO 30 1298053_58320742

ProMaster LB
(Long Body Van)

Maple cabinetry has a pleasant warm feeling. Add the fold down counter extension for more space. Note that the control module is conveniently located above the galley.
Couch with two ottomans quickly make two semi-single beds or one very large bed. Couch seats three with seat belts. A table is standard.
This conversion does not have a bath compartment. A porta potti stows below the refrigerator.
Closet can be any width. Shelves are adjustable. For the clothes rod use, remove several shelves.
Slide pantry can be ceiling or counter top high. When full height it can also serve as a semi-partition.
Refrigerator The 4E (3.6CF) is an option to the standard equipment 3E (2.7CF). Our largest model is 7E (7CF). N/A all conversions.
“We are tickled!”
– Joe & Cindy Tinotta
Taller side windows are available. TV will swivel for viewing from front or rear. Ottomans are not for use when traveling – no seat belts.
There’s some storage below the couch. Rear van doors can swing out of the way against the van sides.

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