“It’s nice. Really nice.”
— Dr. Ed and Adell Duster

The Mercedes-Benz
makes a great touring vehicle for two. It’s highly maneuverable, has plenty of power, and it’s economical to operate. Almost all owners also use it for their first or second in-town car. Might say a Sportsmobile is a double value.

Step inside to a very attractive contemporary interior. It’s top quality throughout this modified RB-150S standard plan.

With the Sprinter’s large windows all the way around, you can literally bring the beautiful outdoors inside.

A queen-size bed makes up in a minute. The upholstery is soft ultra-leather vinyl that breathes. Porta Potti stows below the microwave.


Side-door cabinet is removable.

Full-width couch includes two outboard lap/shoulder belts and one lap belt. The standard plan has three-quarter-width couch and driver’s-side storage.

Cab seats upholstered to match rest of the interior.

Penthouse bed lowers from ceiling. Height under the bed is 5’3″. Height to ceiling is 8′. Some owners say they enjoy sleeping “upstairs” more than downstairs.

A “loft” for two with plenty of cross ventilation and a pretty view. There’s a light for reading in bed. Pliable plastic windows have dual zippers. Opaque velour curtains roll down.

There’s storage below the bed mattress — and on top when not made into a bed. Note the really big Sprinter doors that will swing all the way around.

Remove the mattress when home for more trunk space. If you want a portable generator, there’s plenty of space for a sealed vented compartment.

Remove the mattress platform for really big cargo when going shopping for big items like home remodeling supplies, antique furniture, etc.

RB-150SM / PH Top RB-150S / PH Top
RB-110SM RB-160SM / PH Top
RB 50 SR DYO 11
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