Chevy/Ford EB-48M & Penthouse Top

EB-48M floorplan modified from the Standard EB-48 Plan.

Steven and Patricia Wilson can now change their scenery whenever they choose.

Attractive contemporary styling

With an open feeling

Flip-up counter extension adds more counter space. Storage? There’re drawers, compartments, two slide pantries and a closet. This modified plan switched the standard rear location of pantries and refrigerator cabinet.

Gaucho easily converts into a large bed with leg room to get to the rear. There’s storage under the gaucho.

Up-front lounge. Seats recline and slide fore/aft. Swivels (O).

A 4 CF refrigerator was ordered in place of the standard 3 CF.

The rear was left open for large cargo. Note the dinette table stowed in rear.

Penthouse bed (O) connects to ceiling.

Bed lowers to steel rails side supports.

Large screened Penthouse windows provide cross ventilation and light.

Top streamlines for fuel econocmy and good looks.

Options Included: Convection/Microwave, Inverter, Penthouse Top, Danhard A/C, 4 CF refrigerator in place of 3 CF, Swivels for Captain Seats.

“We always dreamed of traveling. Now we will.”
— Steven and Patricia Wilson

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