Chevy/Ford RB-55 & Penthouse Top (o) rb55collage_top

Standard Plan RB-55, shown not modified
“We modified the RB-55 to include two additional captains seats.”

             —Catherine & Brady Taylor


photo of 2 additional captains seats

Third and fourth removable captain seats are included in this modified RB-55. These seats recline, swivel and have fore/aft adjustments.

photo of storage cabinet and stove deleted for credit

Storage cabinet includes the standard 3E refrigerator, microwave (O) and Danhard A/C (O). A Porta-Potti will stow in the bottom.

photo of RB55 rear storage compartment

RB-55 rear includes storage compartment L. The two top cushions hinge up for storage access. When down they are bed height. If there are no rear side windows, the walls can be recessed to change the bed length from 67″ long to 74″.

photo or rear mattress stowing vertically

The rear mattress can stow vertically for tall cargo. Remove the mattress for maximum space. For large flat items lay the bed flat.

Here’s Another Variation of the RB-55

photo of additional storage cabinet and galley area
photo of rear bed with custom cabinets overhead
photo of storage cabinet next to stove & microwave
photo of custom cabinets arrangement in galley

Black Cabinets are also available • RB-50 shown below

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