Interior Examples Note…

  • The examples below are Sprinter interiors
  • Dimensions and designs may vary for the ProMaster and Transit.
  • ProMaster/Transit interiors use essentially the same furnishings as the Sprinter.
1 EB Gauchos/Beds 2 EB Mid-Dinettes
4 EB Couches
5 Dinettes W 6 RB Gauchos
7 Bunk/Platform 8 Captain Seats

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Example • Platform & Bunk Beds

Andrew and Julia Gale designed their RB Sprinter to meet their outdoor recreation needs
— primarily mountain biking and rock climbing.
Andrew also is a marathon runner and his Sprinter will serve as his support vehicle.

A sealed and outside vented compartment is below the refrigerator. A portable 2000W generator and fuel can be located in this space that will run a 110V A/C, microwave, 110V heater or other 110V applicance.

Platform bed measures 66″ wide by 73″ long. Dimensions can vary.
The mattress is laminated with soft foam on top of firm foam for sleeping comfort.
The support platform is located at the Sprinter’s wheelwell height. It can be higher to accomodate larger cargo below.

Bed and platform are removable. The bed can be in two sections with one side vinyl for ground cushion use.

Bunk bed hinges up. The retainer straps are adjustable so that bedding can be left in place when bunk is stowed.

Bunk bed measures 27″ x 72″ with two inches of firm foam. During the day the bed can serve as a convenient shelf.

Two people can remove the bed in about two minutes. Each end has a steel socket fitting. (O)

“We first thought we would need an extended body Sprinter to meet our requirements. However, with some careful planning and Sportsmobile help, we found the regular body Sprinter would work just fine.

We are going to the Ironman Triathlon in Idaho for our first trip. We are quite happy.”

—Andrew and Julia

Examples • Platform Bed

“After many years of camping/traveling and owning a KOA Campground, we have seen most if not all campers. We wanted a camper built for our needs — larger bed, abundant storage, bath, and an open feeling to name a few. Sportsmobile kept popping up. After much thought, it became the only choice for us.”
— Jim and Jackie

“I had a vision of what I wanted for my wife and I to travel in. Comfort was a number one priority. After working with a Sportsmobile designer my vision has become a reality.”
— Femo Jaeckle

Platform Bed can be any height and made removable.

Combo Bath compartment with Marine Toilet, Sink and Shower.

Entry Cabinet is removable. Teak floor (O).

When home replace the Entry Cabinet with the Captain’s Seat.

As with most Sportsmobile owners, Femo’s Sportsmobile will serve both as his in-town vehicle and cross-country touring van.

Example • Platform Bed & Dinettes

Combinations are also available. This arrangement provides two single beds or slide the dinettes together for one very large bed. The rear floor has been elevated for more storage under the dinettes and the platform bed area. Height can vary.

Example • Bunks & Dinette/Bed

Sleep four with dinette made into twin beds and two hinged upper bunks. Individual speakers, 12V and 110V outlets, drink holders, fans, and swing-down flat-screen TVs can be included.

For privacy add roll down/up or removable curtains. Safety rails and cargo straps are also available.

Alice and Gene Patterson with their grandchildren Kevin and Julie.

Bunks include 2″ firm foam mattresses that are removable for use as ground mats.

Bunks easily hinge up and lock to convert the interior into a hauler for toys and cargo.

Dinettes convert into two single beds.

Or slide seats together for one large bed.

Bunk beds hinge up and can be made to be removable. Wall retainer straps are adjustable to permit storage of bedding or sleeping bags

Mattress is high density 2″ foam. Add a pad if you need a softer bed. Bed 2″ steel frame can be 24″ or 36″ wide, length up to 78″.

Options: Reading light, 12V fan, 12V outlet, ladder, safety rail, privacy curtain.

These photos show van with three bunk beds and an upper storage cabinet. Note the door for privacy between the rear and up-front living space.

Here’s another example of bunks. These measure overall 36″ X 78″. The owners are supplying their own mattresses. See the bunk and mattress in the stowed position on the van’s rights side. When the bunk is down the mattress will fit against the wall.

The vertically installed E-tracks permit the connection of cargo straps in various locations for different cargo needs. E, L, and other tracks are most often installed to the van’s floor. Tie downs can also be located on the floor, and lower walls.

Promaster EB converted to Dan & Alicia’s specifications.

For more bunk bed examples see Gallery Band Vans page.

1 EB Gauchos/Beds 2 EB Mid-Dinettes
4 EB Couches
5 Dinettes W 6 RB Gauchos
7 Bunk/Platform 8 Captain Seats

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