Chevy/Ford Standard Plans • For ‘EB’ Extended Body Vans

This popular floor plan features across the table seating for four.


Two bi-fold doors can create three compartments. Some owners leave the Dinette/Bed made up when travelling.

Early-to-bedders can close the optional bi-fold door or curtain while their partner watches TV or reads in the front lounge.


Cabinets may be rearranged, deleted or exchanged as you desire. Please see the “Design Your Own” cabinet cut-outs for dimensions.

Doors open to form a private bath area. The third Captain’s Seat is an option.


Dinette “L”. Each side can be a different length for “his” and “her” sides. Make two 30″ wide beds or slide together for one large 60″ wide bed.

A convenient place to stow the table in this model is the rear of the closet. Space can also be left for two folding chairs.


A third removable Captain’s seat could be added in place of the removable cabinet.

Please see “Pricing Brochure” for cost differences if you want to delete/ add furnishings.


A cushion can be added to the low storage cabinet for an additional bed. the shower, toilet combo can be located to the front or all the way to the rear in other plans.

Beds can be staggered. The 66″ long dinette could be longer. Or add the 9″ extension cushion that stows out of the way.


If you prefer, the dinettes can be single beds, with lounge cushions in place of the back cushions.


For an extra large bed, this plan works well. The bed extension cushion has folding legs to stow, while leaving more space in the rear for the cabinets.

Cab divider curtains can be included for quick rear privacy. A windshield curtain is standard.


The third and fourth captain’s seats swivel, recline and have fore/aft adjustments. They are also removable.

The galley can be located up front, mid-section or in the rear.


The Porta Potti or marine toilet can be located in a shower for better space utilization.

Table can mount on a fold-up tripod base making it easy to move around or use outside. A tripod cannot be used between dinette seats.


Toilet and sink cabinet are options.

The combo marine toilet, shower and black water holding tank can locate in the rear or up front behind the driver’s seat.


Just need a single bed? Exchange the gaucho back cushion for lounge pillows.

This plan has lots of open space in the front. Some owners like to have open space for various uses.


The open space in the rear can be any size. The partition can have a door.

Rear compartment could be ceiling or counter-top height. a removable mattress could be included for an additional bed.


A 3 cf refrigerator is standard. A 4 cf model can be installed if desired.

The rear dinette can also sleep one in privacy. A removable platform bed could also be used.

Sleep two more if you include the Penthouse top.


When two counter top high cabinets are side by side, a single top is used.

As always with Sportsmobile, delete what you don’t need — Shower, Stove & Propane System?


The Couch with the ottomans makes two semi-single beds or one big bed. Note: ottomans to do not include seat belts. Not for seating travel use.

Dinette “L” will make two single beds or one very large bed. Will seat six.


Platform Bed or hinge-up bunks can be any size or height above floor.

This plan provides lots of “long” storage for surf boards, etc.


Raised floor areas can be built in for storage.

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