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Transit LB (Long Body Van) with the ‘High Roof’. Aluminum wheels are optional.

Transit cab seats designed for in-town and cross-country traveling comfort.
The cockpit is well organized and driver friendly. A seat swivel is available for the ‘passenger’ seat.
Transit over dash module is convenient for small items. Sportsmobiles upper compartment can be deleted for credit.
compact_gallery transit_gauch
A compact galley is located in front of the closet. A fold up desk also serves as a galley counter extension. The 12/110V control module is above the desk. The high roof Transit has a 6’3″ stand up height. The gaucho converts into a 44″x75″bed.
The owner wanted a lot of open floor space for cargo he sometimes transports.
Shower compartment includes a built-in cassette toilet. The compartment can also be used for clothes hanging.
Gaucho seats four. The fresh water tank and inverter are located under the seat. Some space is left for storage.
The upper bunk has a steel frame that hinges to the wall and is removable. Cargo netting is on the bottom.(o)
Removable mattress measures 27″x75″. Bunk can also serve as a very large shelf.
A rear compartment/garage can be built to what ever size and design you want. This one measures 48″L x 69″w. For more info click Gallery/Bikes/Toy Haulers.
This Sportsmobile was built to Bob Hollis’ specifications. Happy with the results? He’s smiling.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans