Sportsmobile 4×4 Annual Rallies


More than 85 Sportsmobile 4x4s and their owners gathered near Park City, Utah, for the 6th Annual Rally. This year the events returned more toward the original purpose of the rallies — to let owners understand the abilities of their vehicles and as always, to have fun. Here is what it was like to take part . . .

The site was unique from other rally sites
in that it was a flat pasture with lush short grass and a stream flowing through it.

After checking in on Monday, everyone gathered under the “big top” for orientation.

For Olympic Competition purposes, each “van” was assigned to a team with four other vans. The idea was to accumulate points during the Rally in hopes of winning some really great prizes. The members of the winning team each received a set of five brand new BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA’s, so people took this seriously (or semi-seriously anyway).

There were a number of educational
and interesting challenges for the teams . . .

The first course was a 30-yard-long obstacle course laid out by Alan and his volunteers with a number of holes and logs to traverse. The goal was to run the course in the longest possible time, with points deducted by getting out of bounds, sing the brake, or having the vehicle stop forward motion. This was harder than it seems because you had to keep moving without stalling when you came to a log.

The second challenge was the “Stream Crossing” which simulated crossing a gulley or stream on a pair of logs. The driver could not look out the side window and had to rely totally on his/her spotter in front of the vehicle . . . and the spotter could use only hand signals. However, some illegal butt signals were spotted!

After completing the Stream Run and climbing up the final bank, a volunteer secretly unlocked one of the front hubs, and a team member was then directed to back the van back down into the stream. Of course, when they tried to drive back off the bank, the van got stuck and the remaining team members were given 20 minutes to winch the van out of the stream.

The Face Off Challenge object was to drive a 4×4 obstacle course without the water balloon bursting when it hit a spike in the ring. When a water balloon burst, the van was stopped and team members switched places. Each team had five balloons, and the winner would be the team who drove the furthest distance when all five balloons were gone or within the 30 minute time limit, which ever came first.

One of the happy winning teams.

We wanted to show some pictures of the losing teams, but the censor said they were too obscene.

There were also other stimulating  activities and challenges . . .

Duck races. Lots of money changed
hands on this one.

Windshield bug bullseye contest. Some of the buggers were unbelievable.


Naturally the owners
that were out on parole
were the fastest with
a slim-jim

In addition to the Road Rally/Poker Run there was a Scavenger Hunt that included such items as the Book of Mormon (hey, we were near Salt Lake!), cowboy hat, Sportsmobile shot glass, old Rally t-shirts and pins, fortune cookies, dice, and so on. Most of the items were readily available or easy to acquire. Some were downright difficult and required some real creativity — and a little, what some called, cheating.

And more fun stuff . . .

The Food?
Well, it’s always outstanding. In fact, Fat City Caterers does such a good job they attend almost every rally.

  Should you have a food complaint, Mr. Fat City will . . .   There’s always a lot of excellent choices.

What a nice way to visit with previous rally friends and form new relationships with the new-comers.


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