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Van Dealers

Sportsmobile’s preferred dealers listed below have provided our customers outstanding service over many years. MSRP van prices are discounted and there is no dealer markup on options. Whether you select a dealer in-stock van or order one to your own specifications, options and color; delivery time with our present backlog will be about 5 to 6 months. Contact Sportsmobile for a more current delivery date.



Mercedes-Benz Boerne
Freightliner of Austin


Dodge ProMaster

Maxwell Dodge


Ford Transit

Maxwell Ford


Chevy Van

Henna Chevy

You can also buy an in-stock van or special order one from any approved Dealer. If it’s a special order any dealer, except Chevy, can have it shipped direct to a Sportsmobile location using our approved up-fitter code. Contact Sportsmobile for more details. At this time our delivery time is about the same if you buy a dealer stock van – or, order one to your specifications.

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Suggestion: If you are ordering your van through a local dealer or Sportsmobile we highly recommend you talk to a Sportsmobile representative first. We can help confirm the van and van options are compatible with a Sportsmobile conversion and options. This is Sportsmobile information van dealers do not have.

There have been cases of dealers recommending van and van options that are not needed or compatible with a Sportsmobile conversion.

Sportsmobile Converted Vans

Sportsmobile Texas no longer stocks unconverted vans as the above Dealers often have stock suitable for conversion. Or we can special order one to your specifications.

We usually have several converted vans for show and sale.

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Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans