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Extreme Air On Board
This is a severe duty, high output compressor with a 12V, 3/4HP, fan-cooled motor. No overheating. Designed to fill 4WD tires continuously without burnout. With 150 psi, you also can fill air tanks, dismount wheels, etc. Permanently lubed with sealed bearings. 30A draw at 35 psi, 40A draw at 150 psi. 14″L x 6″W x 9″H. Includes a 2-gallon tank with a disconnect and a 25′ hose than will reach all 5 tires. 150 psi rating (750 psi burst strength). 19″L x 6″D x 7″H.

Extreme Air Magnum is same as Extreme Air On Board except will aire up a tire twice as fast.

Extreme Air Portable
All of the features of the on-board model. 10′ of 4-guage jumper cables. 30′ of hose. 40′ reach from battery to end of air hose.

Recovery Tools

Max Tool Kit
Can be essential tools for recovery or for chores around the campsite.

Black Rat Recovery Kit
Designed for harsh recovery conditions. Contains a 30′ snatch strap. 10′ tree protector. Leather wrapped eyes, tow hooks, shackles, etc. A 17,000 lb pulley block allows a double load capacity. 10′ chain with a grab hook. Insulated gloves.

Trojan Expedition Kit includes a shovel, axe and mounting bracket to attach to a Trojan cargo box.

Warn HD Winch Kit
Heavy-duty snatch block 24,000 lbs. Tree protector 4″ x 8″. Chain with hooks. 10′ of 5/16″ grade 7 chain. Clevis/D-shackle 3/4″. Recovery strap 3″x30′ rated to 21,600 lbs. Gloves and case.


Amsoil Synthetic Oil and Dual Remote Filter System Ford Engine
According to Amsoil, using their system you will have more power, easier starts, better mileage, lower tail pipe emission and extend the life of your engine. Plus, save money by not having to replace the pan oil every time you change the oil.

Instead of changing the oil and filters every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, with the Amsoil dual filter system, and Amsoil Synthetic Oil, you will only have to change the Oil and Filters every 15,000 miles or once a year.

You can even extend the pan oil changes if you send in oil samples to Amsoil for their Oil Analysis program. The Oil Analysis can also alert you to engine parts wear and other problems that you can address before actual parts failure. Kits and instructions to send samples are available at their website

Briefly, how it works: On start up all oil goes through the white filter first. As soon as the oil temperature reaches 180 degrees, 10% of the oil goes through the black filter, which filters down to 1 micron. With these dual filters, your oil stays analytically clean. According to Amsoil, this system meets or exceeds Ford’s factory specifications.

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