System Options

Audio, Video, Wifi

Sportsmobile provides comprehensive connectivity solutions, offering access to all audio, internet, and video options, ensuring an immersive and connected experience for your travels.


Sportsmobile enhances the on-the-road entertainment experience by offering the option to add a TV with a swivel mount or drop down to their custom RV builds. This innovative feature allows travelers to enjoy their favorite shows and movies from various angles within the RV, maximizing comfort and viewing pleasure. The swivel mount provides flexibility, enabling the TV to be easily adjusted for optimal viewing whether you’re lounging on the sofa, sitting at the dinette, or even cooking in the kitchen area. This addition turns the RV into a mobile entertainment hub, perfect for long road trips or cozy evenings indoors. With Sportsmobile’s expert installation, the setup is seamlessly integrated into the RV’s interior design, ensuring a sleek and functional entertainment system that brings the comforts of home to your travels.


Internet Access

Starlink for RVs is an exceptional option for internet access, providing travelers with reliable and high-speed connectivity wherever their adventures take them. With its extensive satellite network, Starlink ensures a robust internet connection even in remote and rural areas where traditional broadband services are often unavailable. This is particularly beneficial for RV users who frequently move between different locations and require consistent internet for navigation, streaming, work, and staying connected with loved ones. The ease of setup and portability of Starlink’s hardware make it convenient for RV owners, allowing them to enjoy the comforts of home internet on the road. This innovative solution transforms the RV lifestyle, enabling digital nomads, remote workers, and vacationers to maintain seamless online access without interruption.


Upgraded Audio

Head units in Class B RVs are renowned for their high-end quality, offering a premium audio and multimedia experience for travelers. These sophisticated systems integrate cutting-edge technology, featuring advanced navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-definition touchscreens for seamless control. Notably, Sportsmobile collaborates with experienced third party to elevate this experience by providing bespoke high-end sound systems. This partnership ensures that every Class B RV from Sportsmobile delivers superior audio performance, with custom-tuned speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that create an immersive sound environment. Whether it’s for enjoying music, movies, or podcasts on the go, these high-end sound systems cater to audiophiles and casual listeners alike, enhancing the overall comfort and enjoyment of RV travel.

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