Frequently Asked Questions

While we supply more information than any other RV manufacturer, we still have some people say not enough or too much! The most frequently asked questions are shown below. Please contact us if you need more information.

Conversions & Van Info
What Vans Does Sportsmobile Convert?
Can Sportsmobile Provide The Van?

Yes — This the most popular way. Sportsmobile orders through our preferred dealers who are knowledgeable about how to order a van and other options for a Sportsmobile conversion. Freight and PDI are included — not added on later. Applicable rebates, if any, go to the customer. If you are financing the van and conversion, vehicle must be purchased through Sportsmobile.

Will Sportsmobile Do Partial Conversions?

Yes. Level of conversion varies. Contact Sportsmobile.

Will Sportsmobile Modify Existing Class B Camper / Travel Vans?

Sportsmobile Texas will modify within certain limitations. Sportsmobile Texas.

Will Sportsmobile Install a Penthouse Top Only?

Yes. This is a very popular option. Installation by appointment. Learn More

Penthouse Side Walls?

The sidewalls are made of highly durable convertible car-top vinyl — impregnated fabric. Since it doesn’t breathe, it helps keeps the heat out in summer and holds it in in winter. It’s also mildew resistant.

How Well Are Sportsmobile Insulated?

Very well for thermal and sound. An extreme weather/sound insulating package is standard equipment.

Does Sportsmobile Convert Vans For Uses Other Than Camping / Travel?

Yes. See our Conversion Examples.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, nationwide.

Where Can I Get Service?

The van can be serviced at any authorized dealer. Sportsmobile does not void any van chassis warranties. The Sportsmobile appliances can be serviced by most RV service facilities.

Any authorized dealer can service the van. We use only the best quality, name-brand appliances, so any RV service center can take care of a problem. We list the 800 numbers and websites of our appliance manufacturers in our owners manual. And of course, any of our three locations can also service your Sportsmobile. Should you ever need our help, please contact us. We’ll strive to remedy the problem to your satisfaction, immediately. Should you ever need a replacement part fast, we’ll ship it ASAP if it’s in stock.


Sorry, we don’t do trades. We do sell pre-owned Sportsmobile conversions on consignment.

What Type of 110V Electrical System Is Installed?

A 30 Amp electrical system with a 110V hookup (shore power). Wall outlet locations depend on conversion and customer request. Learn More

What size is the Standard Equipment Package batteries system?

Standard 200 Amp/hour with AGM deep cycle marine batteries. Also Available:

  • Larger systems with no real limit, all based on how much storage you’re willing to sacrifice
  • 24 Volt systems
  • 48 Volt batteries, up to 1600 Amp/hour system.

Learn More

What Is The Most Popular Upgrade Size?

We recommend a 230Watt Solar Panel system. Learn More

Does Sportsmobile Install Lithium Battery Systems?

Yes, we have for many years, up to 1600 aH systems. Contact us for more information. Lithium batteries are becoming more efficient and cost effective. We regularly install lithium batteries. Soon to be part of the Standard Equipment Package. Sportsmobile has installed many lithium ion battery systems for customers with above average 12 volt needs. Learn More

Solar Panels

Solar panels are popular. Permanent, they are now more efficient and less expensive. Up to 500 watt systems are available depending on van roof size and options. Portable systems are available.

Why Does Sportsmobile Recommend All Electric Conversions?

With more efficient appliances, LED lighting, improved auxiliary battery systems, solar panels, and second alternators, electric conversions now make sense for the majority of our customers. Learn More

Are Diesel Appliances Available?

Yes. Cook tops, water heaters, and air heaters.

Generators Available?

Yes, Gas, Propane, or Diesel. Sportsmobile can install up to 12KW gas or diesel generators for commercial applications.

Why Does Sportsmobile Recommend Electric, Not Propane Refrigerators?

They are less expensive, more efficient, with larger interior space. No need to park level. No outside vents. Most owners will park for only 2 or 3 days and then drive to another destination thereby recharging their batteries. If the owner is off the grid for long periods of time, a 115 to 230W Solar Panel with minimal sun will usually keep a refrigerator running. If auxiliary batteries are low, simply start the van’s engine and let idle until the battery is recharged. Driving the vehicle within 2-4 days will also recharge the battery.

How Long Can I Camp?

There are lots of variables — from a couple of days to weeks in remote places/off the grid. Please contact us for more information.

Does Sportsmobile Provide Financing?

Yes, our dealer’s can offer traditional auto financing. Most will finance 110% of van’s MSRP.

Sportsmobile offers Recreational Vehicle financing for both the Van and Sportsmobile Conversion. All locations offer financing on new and pre-owned. On new purchases, van must be purchased through Sportsmobile.

New and Pre-Owned
RV financing offers advantages over traditional auto financing, 90% of total van plus conversion, minimum 10% down — longer loan length, up to 20 years, ability to deduct interest on personal income tax, (Check with your accountant.) and no penalty for early payoff. Terms depend on customer’s personal credit history. All locations finance.

What Items Are Required To Be Classified As An RV, Class B Motorhome, Or Travel Van?

4 of the listed items are required to be classified as an RV, Class B Motorhome, or Travel Van:

Fresh water supply, sink
Stove or microwave
Propane or 110V system
Porta Potti or marine toilet
Heating or A/C (110V)

Are Sportsmobile Insured as a Motorhome?

Yes. As long as the conversion meets RV criteria.

4 of the listed items are required to be classified as an RV, Class B Motorhome, or Travel Van:

Fresh water supply, sink
Stove or microwave
Propane or 110V system
Porta Potti or marine toilet
Heating or A/C (110V)

Motorhome Insurance
New and Pre-Owned motor-homes or RV insurance rates are often much less than car rates. Not all insurance companies offer RV insurance, but the ones that do can save you money, plus better advise you on coverage. If the Sportsmobile will be your only vehicle, this will not apply.


How Good Is Sportsmobile’s Limited Warranty?

It’s one of the best in the industry! 3 years/36,000 miles for the Sportsmobile conversion.

Appliances, such as the refrigerator, furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, and 4×4 are warranted by their respective manufacturers. The van chassis is warranted by the van manufacturer.

Keep in mind Sportsmobile has over 60 years of experience converting vans. No one has more experience or builds them better!

Luxury Tax?

The 10% luxury tax on passenger vehicles costing over $30,000 does not apply to motorhomes.

Are Van Motorhomes Restricted From National Parks?

Sportsmobiles under 25′. Most National Parks have a 32′ and under policy. Please check with the National Park before you go as rules vary. There are also lots of other places where there are restrictions for larger motorhomes but not van.