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Full Pricing Example

Depending on the options you choose, your total cost may be much more, or less, than this example. Costs are approximate. Plus TT&L in your state.

White Mercedes Sprinter converted van.
The Van
Converted van floor plan RB 112S.
The Plan
The Van

The Van

White Mercedes Sprinter converted van.
EB (Extended Body) High Roof
Diesel Engine AWD 2500

The EB Van:


Dealer Options


Van Total

Van Total:

The Plan

Converted van floor plan RB 113S.

Plan Conversion


Sportsmobile Options


Conversion Total

Conversion Total:

The Sportsmobile – Example Cost


Plus TT&L

Other Examples

Examples With a Typical Sportsmobile Conversion & Options

Sportsmobile choices Price
LB (Long Body) 3500 High Roof $169,600
EB (Regular Body) 3500 High Roof $168,400
RB (Regular Body) 2500 Low Roof $156,300
If you included a Penthouse Top, bed, and power +$16,300

Plus TT&L in yor state.

Other Sprinter ‘Van’ Choices

Van choices (Includes Diesel Engine) Length WB Roof Price Info
RB (Regular Body) AQD 2500 GVWR 9,050 19’4” 144” Low $70,300 If High Roof Add $3600
EB (Extended Body) AWD 2500 GVWR 9,050 22’9” 170” High $76,900 If 3500 add $5,500
LB (Long Body) AWD 3500 GVWR 11,030 24’ 170” High $83,900

Prices include Option PKG “A” and the van discount. Prices rounded off.

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