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Heating + Cooling

All Sportsmobiles are 4-Season capable.
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Keeping Warm

Sportsmobile offers multiple heating solutions for all vehicle types, altitudes and applications.

Small portable electric heater will usually keep you quite comfortable but only if you have a shore power connection, onboard generator, large lithium battery bank, or a van upfitted with a high output second alternator.

Forced Air Furnace uses the vehicle fuel type and factory tank to heat your floorplan.

Propane Furnace It’s compact and installs under a seat/bed or in the bottom of a cabinet. It’s very efficient and has been proven over the decades. It’s vented to the outside. If your tank has a 7.9 gallon capacity, it will run the furnace around 57 hours, continuously.

“Last Christmas Eve we were comfortable in our Sportsmobile when the wind chill factor was 30 below zero. During the past nine months we have traveled over 22,000 miles. Thanks for a job well done.”

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Keeping Cool

Sportsmobiles are well insulated throughout. However, the van body is steel, so it tends to heat up when it’s hot. Here are some ways to help keep your Sportsmobile cool. Extreme artic panels are optional for all windows.d

Attic Fan We highly recommend attic fans. It’s a powerful 12″ 10-blade rotary fan that pulls fresh air through open windows. Very quiet with 3 speeds. Upgraded model are available. Installs front, center or rear on roof. Increases roof height 2″.

Standard Equipment Window Covers

Front Windshield, Drive, Passenger Windows, Sliding Door Windows and Rear Door Windows all get artic panel covers.

Optional Artic Window Covers

We offer window panel covers for all installed aftermarket windows.

Rear Door Screen provides lots of bug-free ventilation. Zips open.

Side Door Screen provides lots of bug-free ventilation. Zips open.


Air Conditioners

Roof-Mount 110V, 12V or 48V Air Conditioners are available. Sportsmobile uses the low-profile A/C. It can be located front, center or rear of van. The A/C shroud is white or black. It can be painted to match van color. A/C design specs may vary.

The Internal Mount Danhard A/C is popular for owners that have a Sportsmobile with the Penthouse Top, because a roof mount A/C cannot be used.

When running A/C with pets in the van, we highly recommend the optional temperature paging system.

Running Your A/C

When Parked

With Engine Off

If you have AGM batteries, you can run the A/C for a maximum of 30 minutes then your batteries will be depleted.  To recharge the batteries plug into shore power until battery is charged or drive your Sportsmobile for about 6 hours.

With Engine On

With a Automatic Combiner Relay or a second alternator you should be able to run an A/C indefinitely.

Note: in some states it is illegal to leave your engine running in an unoccupied vehicle.

When Driving

Automatic Combiner Relay or a Second Alternator

When driving you should be able to run your Sportsmobile’s A/C indefinitely for your guests in the rear.

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