Interior Options

Baths + Toilets

Bathroom installed into the back of the van.
Adding a bathroom to an RV can significantly enhance comfort and convenience during your travels. Custom size baths with 5 different style toilets.
Shower option installed into a van.

Travel Needs

First decide what your travel and camping needs are for bath and toilet considerations.

During daytime travel, many people will use restaurant and gas station facilities. When camping, park facilities are always available.

Note: Some standard plans include a toilet and a shower.

See Standard Plans
See Standard Plans
Porta Potti

It’s Quick & Easy!

Slide it out, then slide it back in a cabinet compartment.

A 100% seal valve and special chemicals ensure no odor. Swivel, no splash, pouring makes it easy to empty into a regular toilet or the park dump station.

Manual Flush

Electric Flush

Cassette Toilet

Easy to Access!

The cassette can be mounted and accessed from the side of the van or from the interior cabinet.

Electric Flush

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