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Going All Electric

We have been converting all electric vehicles for well over two decades.
The Trend

Delete the Propane

Actually, Sportsmobile has been converting travel vans with all electric systems for over 15 years. To do this we offer several different options • Auxiliary Battery Systems • Solar Panel Arrays • Generators – gas and diesel • Second Alternators for most vans. What do you need for your travels? See Heating/Cooling.

An Air Conditioner is by far the largest user of 110V power. If you want to run an A/C for long periods of time you’ll need one of the items below:

  • A 110V Hook Up at a camp site, park at home, etc.
  • A Second Alternator is available for most vans.
  • A Generator, mounted inside or under the van.
  • Portable gas 2000 watts or greater.
Available in All Vans

Second Alternator

A Second Alternator will provide an estimated additional 3,400 watts or 270 amps (max). This additional power will first fully charge your 12V, 24V or 48V auxiliary batteries you can also use your 3000W inverter for 110V power.

You will have plenty of 110V power for long periods of time for an A/C, microwave, water heater, and other items, not all at the same time. Plus power for your 12V refrigerator, lights and other items. Solar panels, additional auxiliary batteries or higher capacity inverters are available.

Pros & Cons

Alternator vs Generator

Second Alternator

  • When idling, the engine uses about 25% more fuel compared to running a generator. In our opinion this is the only negative.
  • Easier to operate
  • Very quiet
  • Less maintenance
  • Does not take up any space under/inside the van
  • More dependable 12 & 110V power


  • Cost more
  • Weighs about 100-200 pounds more
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Is louder.
  • Has a larger foot print
  • If mounted under the van the spare tire must be relocated, usually on a rear door.

Note: for some owners a generator may still be a better choice. Such as commercial use, van for dog shows, etc.

More Information
How Do I Order a Second Alternator?
  • If You’re Getting a Sprinter Your Order Should Include: Second Alternator Factory Bracket ‘N62’
  • If You Already Own a Sprinter: A Second Alternator Bracket can be installed by Sportsmobile
  • If You’re Getting a Transit Your Order Should NOT Include: A factory dual alternator
  • If You’re Getting a ProMaster, Ford E-Series, Chevy Express: There’s no additional factory option needed

For more detailed information please contact Sportsmobile.

What are some propane appliance alternatives? Prices are approximate.

Electric 110V • Generator • Second Alternator vans

  • Microwave
  • Microwave/Convection
  • Portable Stove
  • Stove-Induction Cooktop – Single Burner
  • Double Burner, fast to heat up. Energy efficient. Cool to touch.
  • Water Heater – Recommended 2.5 gallon. No van side vent, easy operation and winterization. 1/2 the weight and size of a propane heater.
  • Electric Space Heater


  • Forced Air Furnace – Espar Airtonic with high altitude kit. Very energy efficient. Weight and size about 1/2 of propane furnace.

Factory Fuel/110

  • Furnace & Water Heater – Espar Hydronic very energy efficient. 1/2 size and weight of propane. The water heater continuously heats hot water with no water tank. Also has 110v air and water heater.

Note: Factory fuel powered appliances use fuel from the factory van’s fuel tank, no need to find a propane station.

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