Go anywhere in
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Go anywhere in
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Go anywhere in
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Go anywhere in
a moments notice
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Since 1961

We started converting vans long before it was a movement.

Experience, Quality, Service, Warranty, Value
Our customers never look back

“Saw our first one about 8 years ago in a park. After the owner very nicely gave us a ‘tour’, we decided we had to have one. Happily – we do now!”

“With Sportsmobile’s design help, I am now driving a vehicle built just the way I wanted it.”

I am so proud to own my Sportsmobile. It catches attention! Along the way, I’ve talked with many admirers and have joyfully shared the details. Need I say more, the photos tell the rest of the Story. Thank You Sportsmobile Texas!

“Everyone at Sportsmobile has been incredibly friendly, always available, and generous with their time. They took my vision of the ultimate tailgate Sprinter and turned it into reality.”

“Should have downsized from our big RV years ago!”

All the steps

What to expect for a new build.

With customized conversions that seamlessly fuse top-tier options from the RV industry and overland market, we redefine the way you experience adventure.


1. Select a van, floor plan, and options.


2. Walk through everything with a conversion expert.


3. A $4000 deposit gets your project started.


4. Your van is adventure ready in 6-12 months.

I want my van for

Ready to pick your adventure? Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a laid-back explorer, our selection of van uses caters to every whim and fancy.

Van in the desert - driving in the sand
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