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A Sportsmobile Journey for Canine Competitors

“I had great fun driving over 125K miles to multiple dog and human events in my Sportsmobile. Conformation Dog Shows, Freestyle Frisbee, Doc Diving, Agility, Hunting, Lure Coursing, Fast Cat, Trick Dog, Stunt Dog, Animal Actors and more. My Sportsmoble took me to AKC Nationals, The Westminster Dog Shows, and half way across the country for Dogs and Family.

It’s my home place for both me & my dogs on the road. I have everything I need to make Doggie events happen. Generator, Back Up Batteries, Double Fans, A/C, Grooming Area, Water, Electrical inside & outside, Awning for Shade, and all the human dog necessities. (Ie, Toilet, nice Bed & Closet, and a place for shoes).

Sportsmobile is amazing at figuring out small spaces and making everything versatile. When visiting family, I use it as a mobile kennel for 8 Performance Showdogs and many other needs. (Moving large items or towing my Golf Cart).

I love love love it. It is easy for travel, gets generous support of diesel mileage, and easy parking for shopping, hotels, RV Parks, and of course Dog shows. (I often get a close parking space due to the smaller size).

I am so proud to own my Sportsmobile. It catches attention! Along the way, I’ve talked with many admirers and have joyfully shared the details. Need I say more, the photos tell the rest of the Story.

Thank You Sportsmobile Texas!”

— Anita Tate, Owner of Academy Dog Sports, LLC

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