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Kitchen installed into the van.
Having a refrigerator and cooktop in an RV offers several practical benefits, making your travels more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. Wide array of options.
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The Electric Refrigerator

Electric Refrigerators cool with a very efficient sealed compressor. You do not need to park level. No outside van vents are required.

When you are driving or parked, the Refrigerator runs off the 12V Auxiliary Battery. The 4E draws 5.6 amps. When you park and your Auxiliary Batteries are fully charged, you can normally run two to three days depending on other 12V items being used. If batteries run low and you want more time at the same place, run your van’s engine for a short time or take a side trip. You can also add a 12V Solar Panel Charger option to help keep your Auxiliary Batteries charged.

Is a refrigerator included in the standard equipment package?

Refrigerator 3E (2.7 CF) — is included in the Standard Equipment Package. It pulls only 3.6 amps when running on 12V. It can be exchanged for options below.

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What Is A Three-Way Refrigerator?

Refrigerator 4EP (3.6 CF) option runs on 12/110V or propane option. You must park level with a Three-Way Refrigerator. Three-Way Refrigerators cool by way of an absorption process. They take several hours to make ice. Outside vents in the van’s side are required. A Three-Way Refrigerator, when on 12V, will only maintain the refrigerator’s initial temperature. It will also drain the Auxiliary Battery in several hours when parked.

Note: We’re no longer offering this refrigerator due to low demand.

Norcold 4CF

Norcold Electric Refrigerators

Proven to be highly reliable and efficient over the decades.

Electric refrigerators use a quiet hermetically-sealed compressor. There’s no need to park level — up to 30°. The amperage draw is quite low with improved cooling performance in higher ambient temperatures. They cool down fast, there’s virtually no maintenance and no outside vents.

Available Norcold Models

Standard Package Model

Norcold Refrigerator 3E (2.7 CF) have proven to be highly reliable and efficient over the decades.

Standard Equipment Package Model.

  • Can be exchanged for the 4E, 7E or 5EP (3-way).
  • Install in tall or counter-top-high cabinets.
  • Freezer shelf holds a small ice tray.
  • Door is reversible.
  • Amperage draw 12V 3.6A, 110V .71A

More Capacity

Norcold Refrigerator 4E (3.6 CF) comes as an additional cost option in place of the 3E.

  • Essentially same as the 3E except more capacity with a larger freezer.
  • Amperage draw 12V 5.6A, 110V .2A
  • This is our most popular refrigerator
  • Door front panel can be vinyl, interweave, or stainless steel add on.

Bigger Freezer

Norcold Refrigerator 7E (Freezer 1.76 CF, Refrigerator 5.3 CF) is only available for Sprinters.

  • Option in place of the 3E.
  • Doors are reversible, left or right.
  • Storage for various sizes of items.
  • Adjustable, removable, large door-bin container.
  • Amperage draw 12V 5.9A, 110V .04A
Isotherm Refrigerator

Cruise 130

Model “Cruise 130” is about the same size as the Norcold 4E (3.6 CF) but is 4.6 CF. The freezer is small.

  • Stainless steel, clean touch door.
  • Door reversible L or R.
  • Amperage draw – 5.9A (about 1/2 over the 24 hours); 12V
  • Engineered for the Marine Industry.
Isotherm Refrigerator

Cruise 195

Available for all “High” roof vans.

Exterior size: 53″ H x 21.4″ W x 22.5″ D
About the same size as Norcold 7E.

  • Volume: 6.9CF
  • Door: Stainless Steel. Swing L or R
  • Separate Compressors for refrigerator/freezer
  • Amerage draw 6.2 12V running. Overall draw is about half over 24 hours.
  • Note: It’s very expensive

The Isotherm Cruise 195 Stainless Steel (INOX) Marine Refrigerator / Freezer is an upright combo unit that features the refrigerator on top and a deep freezer on the bottom. Each section features its own separate compressor and thermostat control for superior reliability and performance in an upright fridge / freezer.

The Cruise 195 refrigerator section is on top for convenience and features molded-in cradles and door shelves for rugged durability and plenty of room for food and beverages. The top refrigerator section has an innovative cooling evaporator protected by an aluminum shield with built-in air circulation fan that pulls cold air across the evaporator and circulates the air in a convection to keep temperatures the same on top and bottom shelves. A condensation tray positioned under the evaporator captures condensate and channels it out the back, into an evaporation tray. This helps keep the Cruise 195 refrigerator section free of frost issues.


Cooking on the Road

The Standard Equipment Package includes a propane cooktop not shown that can be deleted for a credit of about $570. If you delete the propane cooktop and propane system, the credit will be about $1,900.

110V Induction Cooktop – Single or two burner.

Features | Safe and easy to operate | The counter inset induction cooktop generates heat through a magnetic circuit that connects with cookware, allowing the heat to be generated by the pot or pan being used | Glass ceramic top | Easy to clean | Timer function

Note: Must use metal or cast iron cookware. Aluminum, copper, or glass cookware will not work

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