What is Always Included

Standard Equipment

Interior of a grey van converted by Sportsmobile.
The standard equipment package serves as the essential foundation for your Sportsmobile's interior, providing the fundamental building blocks included with your vehicle.
the ultimate foundation

This meticulously curated selection of interior essentials ensures every adventure is filled with comfort, functionality, and style. It’s the perfect starting point for your unforgettable travels.

What's Included


Extreme Insulation
Stay cozy year-round with our cork underlayment and wool interiors, providing insulation and soundproofing for every journey.

Indulge in the comfort of wool-lined walls, doors, and ceilings – zero outgassing, mold resistance, and sustainability included.

Radiant Barrier Foil
Our builds feature radiant barrier foil for added protection, ensuring your van is ready for any climate or terrain.

Arctic Insulating Panels
Velour covered radiant barrier foil ray panels are provided for windshield and all van doors using magnetic adhesion.

Full Interior Trim
All walls and door panels are covered in marine grade UV resistant antimicrobial vinyl. All upholstery and flooring meets or exceeds FMVSS fire retardancy specs and RVIA outgassing specs. (Furnishings Not Included)

Marine grade flooring is mildew and moisture resistant for minimal upkeep.

Thermally insulated ceiling is layered with foam and wood paneling, covered in the interweave color of your choosing.

Floor Mats
Durable and Laser measured for a custom fit. Cab areas are protected for rugged adventures.

Movable Table
Fabricated to any size with variable mounting options to use in multiple locations.

Provided in coach windows for day and night time applications.

Fire Extinguisher
RVIA approved for any fire hazard type. CO detectors meet or exceed all industry safety standards.

Also Included

Electrical 12V

  • Auxiliary AGM Batteries 200 Amp System
  • Electrical Panel Fuses
  • Battery Separator Prevents 12V Van battery drain
  • Charging Port USB/12V (3)
  • Master Cut-Off Switch For no auxiliary battery drain
  • LED Lights Throughout Interior
  • Porch Light LED
  • Detectors Carbon Monoxide / Smoke
  • Main Cut Off Switch – All 12V
  • Battery Monitor
  • Smart Solar MPPT up to 100v/50amp with Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Refrigerator 3E (w/2.7CF) Norcold 12v
  • Sink / Pull-Out Faucet Sink Cover
  • Water Pump 12v On Demand
  • Fresh Water Tank 10gal
  • City Water Hookup with 25’ Hose
  • Grey Water Tank 7–12gal

Electrical 110V

  • Electrical Panel 30 Amp System – Circuit Breakers
  • Exterior Electrical Hookup 30 Amp 25′ Cord with Adapter
  • GFCI – 110 Outlets (3)
  • True Sine 3000 Watt 125 Amp Inverter Charger with Bluetooth Connectivity for Remote Monitoring
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