Who Supplies the Van?
You have three options when ordering the basic van.

  1. We can order one for you to your specifications, at a discount. That’s the decision most of our customers make.
  2. You can arrange your own purchase. For this option use our “Select Your Van” price sheets to get a second quote from other Van dealers.
  3. You can arrange for us to customize a van you already own.


Where Can I Get Service?
Any authorized dealer can service the van. We use only the best quality, name-brand appliances, so any RV service center can take care of a problem. We list the 800 numbers and websites of our appliance manufacturers in our owners manual. And of course, any of our three locations can also service your Sportsmobile.

Should you ever need our help, please contact us. We’ll strive to remedy the problem to your satisfaction, immediately. Should you ever need a replacement part fast, we’ll ship it overnight if it’s in stock.

Sportsmobile’s Warranty?
Sportsmobile’s limited warranty is unsurpassed in the RV industry — 5 years/unlimited miles. Appliances, such as the refrigerator, furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, and 4×4 are warranted by their respective manufacturers. The van chassis is warranted by the van manufacturer. This warranty is effective with orders placed using Sportsmobile prices dated 2/1/14 or later.Van Chassis Warranty?
For information please see manufacturers websites.

Can I Order by Mail?
Yes! We’re always amazed when it happens, but we do receive some orders each year from people who have never seen a Sportsmobile. So far, we’ve never had a customer drive off who wasn’t smiling.

Sorry, we do not trade.

“Now after using the Sportsmobile for some months, we are convinced that our our decision to purchase was the right one. With the exception of a truck, for other purposes in the North, this is the only vehicle we own or need — it does it all.”

—J.H. and Julie Winans


What’s the Payment/Delivery Schedule?

If You Select An In-Stock Van

  • We request a $2,000 deposit. The deposit may be more if we have to order special parts for your particular conversion. The deposit is non-refundable.
  • Prior to starting production on your van, the balance on the van is required.
  • We can normally convert an In-Stock van in about 6 months. Please contact your Sportsmobile location (North, Texas or West) for a schedule.
  • When you take delivery, and are 100% satisfied, you can then pay for the conversion and any fees, less the deposits.

If We Special Order A Van For You

  • We request a $2000 Deposit.
    Deposit is non-refundable.
  • When the van arrives the van balance, less the deposit will be due.
  • Your van will then be converted into a luxurious Sportsmobile. Contact Sportsmobile for current schedule.
  • The entire process usually requires 6 – 10 months. If it’s a 4×4 or a Sprinter it may take longer. Delivery times can vary due to the chassis manufacturers and Sportsmobile’s schedule, time of year, etc. Contact Sportsmobile for current delivery times.
  • When you arrive for delivery we will give you a comprehensive checkout and review all costs and paperwork, 2 – 4 hours. If you are 100% satisfied, you can then pay for the Sportsmobile conversion and any fees.

If You Already Own A Van

  • If we order special parts for your conversion, we may request a non-refundable deposit for the parts.
  • We can modify or completely convert it by appointment. Appointment time varies considerably depending on our scheduling. A top requires only one or two days. Note: The van must have an adequate GVWR.
  • Final payment, tax, less any applicable deposits, is due when you take delivery and you are 100% satisfied.
George and Ann Burkwell photo“After 25 years with large motor-
homes, I am enjoying having practically the same facilities with Sportsmobile, plus ease of driving and parking and reliability. Sportsmobile offered the best in choices and selection of floor plans furnishing and equipment, as well as choices of vans.”
—George and Ann Burkwell


Taking Delivery

We’re Confident
You’ll Be Very Pleased When You Arrive

We’ll conduct a thorough check out of your new Sportsmobile and “walk through” with you. Prior to your arrival we will send your comprehensive, easy to read owners’ manual. Your Sportsmobile will be serviced, polished and ready to go! The water tank will be sanitized, flushed and filled. The propane and fuel tanks will be full. Temporary license plates are available. When you are completely satisfied, you can then make a final payment.

Do You Deliver? Yes, nationwide.

If You Would Like To Stay Over A Night, we will pay for the motel, or stay at one of our local RV parks. This way you can get better acquainted with your Sportsmobile before you leave town. If you still have questions, you can come back the next morning.

After You Leave For Home Or An Extended Trip, you will need to make only one stop . . . for groceries. Then you can really start enjoying the pleasure of owning a Sportsmobile!


Financing & RV Insurance

Financing Sportsmobile offers Recreational Vehicle financing for both the Van and Sportsmobile Conversion. Also pre-owned Sportsmobiles

New and Pre-Owned RV financing offers advantages over traditional auto financing — longer loan length, ability to deduct interest on personal income tax, (Check with your accountant.) and no penalty for early payoff. Terms depend on customer’s personal credit history.

All of the van chassis manufacturers offer financing for the van only they will loan up to 110% MSRP. The balance on the conversion cannot be financed and is due when you take delivery of your Sportsmobile.

What’s required to be classed as an RV – Class B motorhome or travel Van?

(s)  Stove or *microwave
(s)  Refrigerator
(s)  Fresh water supply, sink
(s)  Propane or 110V system
* Porta Potti or marine toilet
* Heating or A/C (110V)

(s) Included in Standard Equipment Package
* Additional cost option

“Nearly 4 years later, I am still delighted everyday with the amazing Sportsmobile you built for me! It’s like going to be happy when first purchasing. It’s an entirely different thing to be still ‘grinning ear to ear’ so far down the road. It is a true testament to what an excellent vehicle you created.

-John Markman

Motorhome Insurance Motor-home or RV insurance rates are often much less than car rates. Not all insurance companies offer RV insurance, but the ones that do can save you money, plus better advise you on coverage. If the Sportsmobile will be your only vehicle, this will not apply. What are the requirements for a conversion to be classified as an RV? Please see “What Is A Sportsmobile” under Miscellaneous Info below.

RV Interest Deduction? Interest may be deductible from your federal income tax return as a second home (motorhome). Consult with your accountant.

Luxury Tax The 10% luxury tax on passenger vehicles costing over $30,000 does not apply to motorhomes.

Van Rebates Consumer van rebates frequently change. There are periods when there are no rebates. If your van qualifies, you will receive it.

Pre-Owned Sportsmobiles are available. See above regarding financing.


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