Select Your Colors & Materials

“After we selected our floor plan and options, we had more choices to make about materials and colors. It finally all came together — it’s beautiful.”
—Paul and Marianne Reasoner

Mix & Match As You Desire

Simply check the materials and colors you like. Change your mind later? No problem, but please tell us at least three weeks prior to your production date.

Colors show differently on different computer monitors and printers. If you would like samples, just let us know.

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS for long-lasting beauty with a minimum of maintenance. Perhaps this is one reason we have so many repeat customers and referrals.

(O) indicates an additional cost option.

Color pictures may very per screen. Please contact us for samples.

Cabinets & Counter Tops

Cabinets: Cherry (O)

Cabinets: Maple (O)

Cabinets: Black (O)

Cabinets: Dove Grey

“Solid” counter tops:

“Solid” counter tops:

“Solid” counter tops:
Santa Fe

“Solid” counter tops:
Starry night

Seat Upholstery & Trim Materials

(O) Additional Cost Option

Brown – 11

Blue – 12

Burgundy – 13
Reseda pattern fabric
Use for:

Onyx – 20

Brown – 21

Blue – 22

Burgundy – 23
Ford pattern fabric
Use for:

Med. Grey – 25
Encompass solid fabric
Use for:

Grey – 30

Brown – 31

Blue – 32

Burgundy – 33
Black – 34
Daytona vinyl
Use for:

Grey – 40

Brown – 41

Blue – 42

Burgundy – 43
Black – 44
Ostrich vinyl
Use for:

Grey – 50

Brown – 51

Black – 52

Burgundy – 53
Ultraleather (O)
Use for:

Grey – 60

Mocha – 61

Blue – 62

Burgundy – 63
Taupe – 64
Brown – 65

Off-White – 66

Black – 67

Leather (O) is also available. Please ask for samples.

Floor Coverings

(O) Additional Cost Option

Commercial loop: Grey – 10F
Standard floor covering. Commerical loop is also used for cab floor with all coverings below.

Commerical loop: Brown – 11F
Standard floor covering. Commerical loop is also used for cab floor with all coverings below.

Marine Deck vinyl: Grey – 20F
Most popular

Marine Deck vinyl: Brown – 21F
Most popular

Rubberized (O): Dark Gray – 41F
For “extreme” wear

Rubberized (O): Brown – 42F
For “extreme” wear

Rubberized (O): Light Gray – 44F
For “extreme” wear

Rubberized (O): Light Gray – 43F
For “extreme” wear

Mix & Match Sportsmobile Colors — or Do Your Own Thing!

Pauline Reese, a Texas Country-Western singer, uses her Sportsmobile for her band’s transportation. The trailer carries her show equipment.

Louisiana State University football colors in this van design show true support by LSU fans Cody and Martha Leader. More photos of their van are on the Gallery Tailgaters page.

horsemobile_1 horsemobile_2 horsemobile_3 horsemobile_4

The owner of this new Sportsmobile will frequently tow a trailer for her two horses. She wanted a very western look and provided the recycled barn material for the cabinets and floor. The cowhide seat covers complete the cowboy –– or cowgirl look.

To tow the load of the trailer with two horses a Sprinter RB 3500 was ordered with dual rear wheel and a 11,300 GVWR. The combined vehicle weight rating is 15,200 lbs.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans