Fixed Tops

Sportsmobile fixed tops are available in low profile and full height configurations. The low profile Contempo model will fit under most carports. Construction is a single piece reinforced fiberglass shell made like a boat hull by Millennium. The exterior clean styling harmonizes with the vans. See the Top Options Standard Equipment section below for what’s included.

Low Profile Tops

Contempo Top, Ford RB shown

  • Available for RB & EB
  • Inside Height 5’9″

Contempo Top, Chevy/GM EB Shown

  • Available for RB & EB
  • Inside Height 5’11”

Overhead front compartment can be used for a TV and storage or one large storage compartment. A rear overhead compartment is also standard.

Full-length side shelves are standard. The vanity with three lights (O). A side shelf can be extended out for a microwave or TV. As shown to van’s rear, cabinets can extend to the ceiling. Note, the bifold privacy door.

“After a three week, 2,300 mile tour in our new Sportsmobile, we wouldn’t travel any other way.”

—The Wileys

Full Height Tops

Voyager Top, Ford RB shown

  • Available for RB & EB
  • Inside Height 6′
  • Top screened slider windows (O)

Voyager Top, Chevy EB shown

  • Available for RB & EB
  • RB & EB Inside Height 6’5″
  • Top screened slider windows (O)

“At night it’s a little snug with three kids, but doable. We did include the upstairs bed option.”

— The Boydetts

Full-length side shelves are standard. Cabinet fronts with doors can be added part way or full shelf length (O). Upper screened side windows (O).

Cabinets can be built from floor to ceiling if desired. A fixed top can be installed on any floor plan.

Top Options

“It’s the only major item we’ve purchased about which we haven’t had second thoughts or regrets.”

—Dale and Sue Dalton

Standard Equipment for all fixed tops

  • Custom Inside Finish with attractive, durable and sound absorbing ozite headliner material.
  • Front Compartment over cab can also be used for TV or bed.
  • Rear Compartment can project forward up to 48″. May delete for credit if standup height is needed in the vans rear.
  • Side Shelves are full length
  • Fluorescent Lights Two
  • Insulation Double bubble, radiant heat reflective foil
  • Custom Paint Tops are painted to match van color

Options for all tops

  • Cabinet Fronts for left and right side shelves with doors can be any length.
  • Attic Fan
  • Vanity Cabinet with three lights.
  • Upper Bed, two or three sections.

Options for full height tops

  • Slider Windows with screens 12″ x 42″
  • Slider Windows with screens 12″ x 68″
  • Upper Bed two or three sections

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