Four by Fourers…it’s a Lifestyle! Page 1 – Photographs

A Sportsmobile 4×4 may change your lifestyle to one that’s a little, or a lot, more adventuresome. You can travel and stay in places that are simply inaccessible to two-wheel drives.

Explore lush deep forests. Climb narrow mountain passes into the clouds. Enjoy the challenge of rock gorges and river crossings. Savor refreshing sea shores and hidden lakes. Wake up to the rising sun in the solitude of a desert. You may even go places no one has seen before.

It’s all possible in a Sportsmobile 4×4 — a truly fun, versatile and adventuresome vehicle.

Photo by Pat Blewett

Salmon Glacier, Alaska

Yukon, Alaska — Kent Dowing

Calamajué Road in Baja, Mexico — Laura & Geoff

 Photo by Knops

Valley of the Gods — Alan Feld

Pacific Coast — Paula Burklin

Photo by Duane Babinski

Photo by Oksana Perkins

Colorado snow

Turquoise Trail, Baja — Wescott

Baja Sunset — Burgess

Whether exploring alone or with other “free spirits,” a Sportsmobile 4×4 is an exciting way to go and a comfortable place to stay — wherever you are!

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