Sportsmobile 4WD – Maxim Magazine
Van Wilder

The Sportsmobile 4WD is a RV/rock crawler combo that makes the
A-Team rig look like Granny’s nursing home shuttle.

— Maxim Magazine, August 2007

1 – Hunker Down
The top can be raised manually or with an optional hydraulic lift to create your penthouse bedroom — complete with 360-degee mesh windows and a built-in mattress — on top of the van. And the foldout backseat sleeps four dudes better than a tent.

2 – Kick Back
It’s tough to make erudite conversation while you’re pulverizing boulders, so placate wayward hitchikers with plush entertaiment options like satellite radio, a dash-integrated iPod system, and a 15-inch flat-screen that can be installed to flipdown from almost any overhead area. It’s suggested that area not be the driver’s side visor.

3 – Option Up
The van has more aftermarket options than you can shake an antenna at, so load up on carbon-fiber dash, built-in GPS, Thule rack system, hot water shower, retractable awning, and indoor toilet. Now if you could just find the damn keys . . . .

4 – Eat In
Reach your campsite and the van goes from vicious dominatrix to charming wifey. Each model has a fully functional kitchen with a full-size microwave, a recessed stove, multiple drawers and countertops, and a cleverly tucked-away fridge that’s bigger (and infinitely cleaner) than the one you kept beer and socks in freshman year.

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans