Penthouse Top Order Form

Penthouse Top Only Order Form

  • After submission, a SMB Rep will contact you to confirm all work being done. A $500.00 deposit is required prior to scheduling – this amount will reflect towards your final balance. Remaining balance is due at pick up time.
  • For the most accurate pricing, we recommend you send us pictures of the exterior and interior of the van (focus on the roof).
  • Penthouse Installations may only be completed on Low Roof vans with no rear air bags.
  • Scheduling is dependent on make, model and options, could take up to 3 months after deposit date.
  • Once deposit is received, you will need to confirm colors, materials and trim prior to drop off.
  • Installation time requires an estimate 2-5 days for completion (allow more time depending on any additional items added).

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans